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Alternative Globalizations

S.A. Hamed Hosseini ¶ 8 Free read

S into one approach and addresses the gap between critical theories and activist practices Through this endeavor he discovers an emerging mode of consciousness which is characterized by its cross identity and cross ideological nature This is a live but uiet global revolutionDrawing on a variety of disciplines this gourd breaking volume will be of interest to students and scholars of global studies political sciences sociology and social movement studie.

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Are the growing oppositions to neoliberal market globalism especially in the aftermath of global economic meltdown able to develop meaningful alternative ideologies Is there any substantial alternative to the world capitalist system on the horizon How would the ideologies and ideas address the dire dilemmas of economy vs ecology redistribution vs recognition global vs local reform vs revolution etcThis book answers such important uestions by examining.

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The intellectual structure of the so called 'anti globalization' or 'global justice' movement It explores the formation and transformation of ideas identities and solidarities in the movement The book also develops an analytical model to explain the movement's ideational novelties and continuities in terms of both activist social experiences and global social changesHosseini develops new sociological concepts integrates opposing theoretical perspective.

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