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    Both an origin story and a novelization of the upcoming 3309 animated movie Pretty good for what it is Actually it's the best Wonder Woman novel out there If you're curious here's how I would rank them1 WONDER WOMAN by SD Perry Britta Dennison Diana beheads Ares kisses Steve Trevor and snares the Cheetah Whew2 THE GAUNTLET JUSTICE LEAGUE by Louise Simonson Wonder Woman travels to Apokolips and fights the Female Furies If Hollywood wants to make a Wonder WomanBig Barda movie that would be awesome3 THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN edited by Martin Greenberg Our hero's iconic stature bogs down this collection of short stories 4 WONDER WOMAN MYTHOS by Carol Lay The Justice League helps Wonder Woman defeat Ares I still can't believe Carol Lay wrote this book5 WONDER WOMAN GODS GODDESSES by John Byrne Every list has to to have a bottom feeder Easily the worst of the bunch

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    25 rounded upWonder Woman by SD Perry and Britta Dennison is a novelization based on the screenplay by Michael Jelenic for DC's animated direct to DVD movie of the same name I thought it would be fun to read it before the upcoming Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman blockbuster sort of a literary comparison to another origin story of the legendary heroineSet before Diana is even born ueen Hippolyta and Ares are in the middle of a war that ends with Diana's mother almost killing Ares when the rest of the gods intervene Already there's some modification from the original Greek myths Ares instead of Hercules is responsible for the imprisonment and previous DC canon Artemis the captain of the guard was not originally part of the first s but a separate tribe found later However these changes help streamline the plot and provide recognizable characters for the story Readers get the setup of the magical island being hidden from the world and the cruel God of War imprisoned beneath them without too much jarring exposition The story spends 13rd of its time on Themyscira before Diana gets the chance to journey to the outside world for her uest and it's probably the best part of the novel Because once we get to the catalyst for the plot to kick into a race to save the world you think it would get better but it doesn't because that catalyst means we are introduced to the POV of Steve Trevor There have been many iterations of Steve Trevor in the comics and this one borrows his military background and role as the shipwrecked harbringer of Man's World But his personality is 23rds chauvinist and 13rd rubbernecking bystander The novelization is very faithful to the screenplay so I can't fault the writers for going all in matching his inner narration with the dialogue that consists of pet names wolf whistles and dull exposition but it really ruins the story Think of it as watching The Phantom Menace but through Jar Jar Bink's narration You know interesting world changing stuff is happening and yet you are stuck reading it through a filter of frustrating thickheadedness For example we have here the scene where Diana and Steve discover Ares has escaped and plans to use his God of War influence to create World War III and set everyone against each other in a genocidal bloodbathA god who won't stop Diana went on her voice practically trembling with emotion until the Earth's populace and outsider alike lies murdered in a battlefield of graves She stopped apparently waiting for what she said to sink in but Steve barely heard her You smell good he said Seriously this is his great contribution to the storyThere could be a case made that Steve's chauvinism giving way to respect to Diana is the start of a character arc for him but not at the expense of so many other character's personalities and definitely not at the expense of Diana's agency Also it's indicative of a larger insidiously annoying tone Whatever attention granted to Diana's compassion and determination to keep peace seems undermined by dumb slapstick moments such as being mistaken for a dancer when she's fighting the Greek god of pain in a strip club or Steve trying to get her drunk to loosen her up When it finally extricates the story from that preoccupation the story can be fun Ares is a formidable villain and his plan creates real stakes Diana is mostly up to standard as a warrior who is naive to the world's evils but wise in her self actualization to fight said evil And getting that tone right for her character is incredibly difficult The epilogue which has Wonder Woman easily dispatching Cheetah seems like the jumping off point of a much better story It's better than other Wonder Woman novels but falls short of something written by George Perez or Greg Rucka Still amazing ian warrior taking down a literal god because she's that awesome? Can't deny the appeal

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    I loved this book I saw a part of the animated movie that was the inspiration of this book it was based on the screenplay by Michael Jelenic and I really liked it The character of Steve has no comparison with the Steve in the Wonder Woman movie of 2017 but it has his moments and in this one he didn’t die The fights are way better on this one and shows a Diana strong but not invincible determined and charismatic I would love that the authors went deeper on the everyday life of the s

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    Overall good story but Trevor comes across as an idiot

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    A really fun adaptation

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    The s have enjoyed peace and immortality for thousands of years but at the price of being desolated on their remote island A US war machine changes all that by crash landing through their protective barrier and the beautiful warriors are forced to send a liaison to reconnect with the rest of the world But the God of War Ares escapes and his reign of terror returns the warriors to the battlefield to save mankind and possibly the Gods themselvesOf course I picked this up just because its Wonder Woman I mean if you're going to read about super human feats why not have superhuman beauty as well? Anyway the storyline and atmosphere was well written even though the pilot was a bit dim and mostly unhelpful which is a pretty accurate description of all pilots really and even though I wouldn't recommend it for a serious read I still enjoyed Wonder Woman

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    Having seen the animated movie I was eager to read this book As adaptations go it was word for word from the script but with much descriptive dialogue with great detail The creator of the screenplay got a lot of the things of Wonder Woman right but molded and made changes that were a little odd Hercules was seen as Themiscyra's reason for being separate from the rest of the world not Ares Artemis was the leader of a group of s separate from the ones of Themiscyra the Bana I also felt there was too much emphasis on making Diana too fierce for her own good and Steve a little bit of a creep Still this was a very interesting story C

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    A novel that tells the origins of the DC character This was an excellent read The author did a really good job with the storyline and the characters The plot progressed at a nice pace and the battle at the end was terrific The interactions of the characters and how the characters reacted when they were introduced to a new situation was nicely done by the author and was believable This book was based on the animated movie and because of this book I would like to see it now

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    Very entertaining and action packed novelization from the 2009 animated movieSomething that I really liked about this book were the description of Themiscyra the s and Diana's POV portraying her innocence and curiosity It somehoy felt fresh That's something that I couldn't enjoy much in the movie And the acction seuences got me sweating especially the fight against Demos Also the description of the Underworld wasn't bad either I highly recommend this novel

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    This was an amazing re telling of Wonder Woman's origin story The story had Diana going up against Ares The God of War and receiving some surprising assistance from Steve Trevor This was very interesting and it was full of action and adventure

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Nd in so doing she collides with the ignorance and imbalances of the twenty first century battling injustice as Wonder Woman But even with skills and abilities to rival those of her Olympian namesake Diana is put to the supreme test as the horrors of the a A really fun adaptation

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Born of the fallout from mythic wars fought among the Grecian gods and their mortal worshippers Diana warrior princess of the island nation of Themyscira bursts into the modern world both as ambassador of her people and selfless protector of the innocent A I loved this book I saw a part of the animated movie that was the inspiration of

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Ncient past rise again to wreak havoc upon the world Now her indomitable will and astounding powers are pitted against the patient and all encompassing malice of the War God Ares who feeds on the strife created by humanity's propensity to turn against itse Having seen the animated movie I was eager to read this book As adaptations go it