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The body of a US soldier reported AWOL during the Korean War is discovered in a cement pillar Clasped in his hand is a gold pin shaped like a lightning bolt What secret did he carry to his grav. I read it and likes parts of this book rather well Wish the heroine could often think and act

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Get her killed When the Dead Speak combines police procedure with Native American mysticism in a story about racism conspiracy political cover up and one woman's relentless pursuit of the trut. Sam Casey is a police sergeant who has the uniue talent of being able to read a body to determi

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E and why is someone hell bent on keeping that secret buried Sam Casey is the only one who can help The dead speak to her tell her secrets about life and death But sometimes what she learns can. I LOVED THIS BOOK JUST THE PERFECT MIX OF MURDER MYSTERY SUSPENSE ROMANCE PARANORMAL I LOVED TH