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Lulu Mitzi Best Laid Plans

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Imagine if Lucy and Ethel worked in the world's oldest profession Lulu and Mitzy are young illegal immigrants tryin.


G to get by in San Francisco even if that means pulling every scheme imaginable It's a rough and tumble existence f.

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Illed with wannabe artists sex workers low lifes and the type of fringe elements that can only exist in San Francis.

3 thoughts on “Lulu Mitzi Best Laid Plans

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    This is a must read for any adult who works or lives or visits in San Francisco Lulu Mitzy are two street prostitutes who've been kicked to the curb and worse eking out a living in the Tenderloin of SF While Lulu has prospects of bettering her situation Mitzy always finds a way to mess things up in a major way taking everything to excess and not respecting other people's property or emotions This could have been very depressing but somehow the characters setting kept me interested and I kept hoping that their situation would improve This is a uick fun read and I look forward to reading from S Eddy Bell

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    Insightful and touching with large dollops of bravado a fine example of how seuential art can tell the story of a couple of hookers without sinking even close to raunch

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    I liked this a large lady in charge and a scrappy little hooker who can't get a break Alot of sweet and sour parts but still good

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