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G village in northern Nigeria Brought before a Sharia court she was sentenced to death by stoning Her crime was to become pregnant outside of marriage and to give birth to her little girl Adama The child's father at first accepted responsibility but then change I would give this book a 35 if it were possible It's an interesting story about a woman sentenced to stoning for adultery including the lead up and how she was subseuently found not guilty however there was something about this book that just didn't sit comfortably with me and I wasn't sure why On further consideration I think the reason why and in opposition to one of the other reviews on here I didn't really see Safiya as much of a fighter Perhaps it is purely a very cultural thing and I just don't understand it however I have recently read Infidel which has some cultural similarities and she was definitely a fighter Safiya on the other hand in my opinion let everyone else make the decisions and do the fighting and she just went along with itThe part that really made this stand out to me was when Safiya commented on when the women in the village finally began showing their support for her as up until that time her conviction was just how things were it was not uestioned until the sentence gained international exposure With that in mind I was a little frustrated that this thinking outside the suare didn't extend to her family or even Safiya herself when it came to her fifth marriage proposal after her being found not guilty Ok so it appears that this marriage turned out to be sucessful but after so much heartache and disappointment at the hands of men particularly her previous husbands why on earth would you just keep continuing to agree to marry men that you don't know I just can't fathom after everything Safiya had been through and acknowledging that the women in her village were no longer just blindly accepting whatever had always been so that she would just passively go along with her father's recommendation that she marry someone who had heard about her and decided to write to her father reuesting a marriage But as she had her whole life she let everyone else make the decisions and just went along with themThe reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 3 is because it's an interesting insight into a different culture and an important story however I think this book is of a political statement than a story about an inspiring woman However that's just my opinion

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This is the true first hand account of one woman's corageous struggle for justice and the story that in 2001 made the eyes of the world turn to the small Nigerian village of Tungar Tudu Safiya Hussaini was accused of adultery arreseted and taken from her farmin Apesar de ser auilo a ue eu chamo um livro necessário não foi dentro do género os ue me causou maior emoção No entanto permitiu saber mais muito mais porue na verdade eu não sabia nada sobre o norte islâmico da NigériaE fez me recordar o uão diferentes podem ser os cenários de país para país em pleno século XXI pondo em causa auilo ue nós nos ditos países desenvolvidos consideramos básicos para a dignidade do ser humano

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D his story denied everything and was released without penalty Betrayed terrified and outcast Safiya summoned the strength to fight for her life Supported by her family her lawyer and her faith in Allah she was determined to stay alive to care for her little gi انا صفية هي قصة امرأة نيجيرية من قرية تنغر تودوتتناول حياتها من صغر سنها حين كانت تتعلم في مدرسة دينية وانتقالا لزواجها من شخص يكبرها بسنين عديدة الى إنجابها ٣ بنات وولد منه الى إصابة ولدها واحدى بناتها بجديري الماء الى طلاقها من زوجها وزواجها من ثانيالى طلاقها من الثاني وزواجها من ثالثالى طلاقها من الثالث ورجوعها للثاني الى طلاقها من الثاني من جديدالى اتهامها بجريمة الزنا الى الحكم عليها بالقتل رميا بالحجارة الى انتقال قضيتها الى العالم هذه صفية وهذه قصتها

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