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The Naked Earl

characters The Naked Earl

Oper thing she screams loudly And then well Lizzie has had enough of being proper She wishes to b. This was the story I had been wanting to read since book one and it did not disappointRobbie Earl Warriors in Winter it did not disappointRobbie Earl

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When a naked earl climbs through the window into her bedchamber Lady Elizabeth Runyon does the pr. I'm a sucker for romances where a girl who's loved a guy forever finally gets her man Under My Skin into her bedchamber Lady Elizabeth Runyon does the pr. I'm a sucker for romances where a girl who's loved a guy forever finally gets her man

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E bold She won't be commanded to put on her nightgown Just this once she will be absolutely darin. Earl Robert Hamilton jumps naked from window to avoid slut trying to trap him into marriage only Textiles And Weavers In Medieval South India into marriage only

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    Sally Mackenzie has a knack for writing very loopy regency style romances They are overall fun to read and not be taken seriously So if you want a good read with some outlandish scenes that will give you a good chuckle this book is for you Robbie our hero has a small problem The least of his problems is trying to get tied down in marriage But certain parts of his anatomy won't work the way he wants it to The poor guy can't get over an embarrassing moment he had ten years ago so he is bereft that he will remain alone and never have sex again Lizzie is the sister of Robbie's childhood friend Her brother James was the hero in The Naked Duke She has loved Robbie forever and is ready for him to marry her Well this almost happens as Robbie falls into her window naked trying to escape from a spinster harpy who wants him for his money Just read the first chapter and you will understand Because Robbie has these issues he tries to stop Lizzie from her marriage minded ways but that doesn't stop them from kissing and touching everywhere and anywhere they can get their hands on Along for this ride is a secondary cast of characters that are beyond believable You will laugh and roll you eyes at their antics along with hoping Robbie can get over his trauma and be with Lizzie a very sweet girl who adores him for just being him and not for his title or money One high point is that Mackenzie writes her heroes that are almost as innocent and naive as their heroines meaning no over experienced men who have a thousand women under their belts So for oversexed characters and campy conversations you will not find in any other romance historical enjoy a few laughs with this campy story

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    Men are very simple creatures They may be able to fight battles and build canals but when it comes to emotions they are hopelessly inept They go along merrily eating and sleeping and fornicating until something or someone interrupts themThis book was cute but after a while it got really annoying The hero thought he suffered from impotence Yeah when he really got down to it he was sorely mistaken

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    I'm a sucker for romances where a girl who's loved a guy forever finally gets her man

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    This was the story I had been wanting to read since book one and it did not disappointRobbie Earl of Westbrooke doesn't want to get married He will not be talked into it convinced it's a good idea or tricked He would rather run across the rooftop naked than enter into a marriage unwillingly However the window he chooses to hop through for refuge happens to house the very naked slightly drunk and beautiful Elizabeth Lizzie his best friend's younger sister When the naked man climbs in her window Lizzie decides that she is done with being proper and won't be commanded to put on her nightgown I found that the idea of Robbie and Lizzie was a great one since being introduced to Lizzie in book one and her obvious attraction to Robbie I loved it since I first read it and wanted to read their story so I was super excited to pick this book up It did not disappointRobbie is hilarious as he does his best to avoid being caught in a marriage trap He even pushes Lizzie away when she is convinced that they will end up together but doesn't explain why he says he will never marry Although usually a very happy guy in public it was nice to see another side of him where he had actual fears and doubts about his life I also loved how he did his best to keep everything a secret until circumstances forced his hand It was great I loved Lizzie as well She is a few years older in this story than she was in the previous ones and her attraction to Robbie is still strong She doesn't understand why Robbie keeps pushing her away and why he doesn't want to marry her or anyone for that matter I also love how even after events occur that everyone has their hands in the relationship between the two of them It was hilarious and the way Lizzie handles it was greatOverall I liked this story a lot and found that it was a great read I would read it again for sure

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    This may be my favorite one of the seriesLady Elizabeth Runyon has been in love with Robbie Hamilton now Earl of Westbrooke since she was a little girl Now she is definitely not a little girl any but she worries that Robbie still thinks of her only as his friend’s little sister And then one night Robbie has to uickly flee his bedchamber to avoid being trapped into marriage with Lady Felicity Needham who has been blatantly chasing him He uickly goes out the window and slides into another open window hoping to hide The room is Lizzie’s and she is nakedRobbie has always loved Lizzie but he had an unfortunate experience years ago and he experiences um performance anxiety He can’t doom Lizzie to a half marriage with no hopes of having children But maybe with Lizzie he won’t have difficulty?

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    Redonk Nutshell Two close friends reluctantly realize their attraction to each other amid schemes to be trapped into unwanted marriagesI purchased The Naked Nobility bundle at BNcom for 999 Five books Yes Then I read the firstand I was like aw damn Is this how the rest are going to be because I think I may regret spending that 10The Naked Earl is the story of Robert Hamilton Earl of Westbrooke and his frenzy to avoid being trapped into marriage by a desperate debutante When he's woken from sleeping in the nude mind you by an unwelcome and uninvited naked female he manages to escape her planned entrapment by fleeing out his window and climbing into another room Luckily for him it's the room of his good friend Lady Elizabeth Runyon Unbeknownst to him however Lizzie has been head over heels in love with Robbie for years Let the list of cliches begin When Robbie flings himself into Lizzie's room he just happens to interrupt her having an intimate getting to know myself session standing stark naked in front of a mirror But it's okay because she had been drinking and wasn't in her right mind Thus begins Robbie's initial discovery of his affection for Lizzie snortThe debacle is overlooked the next morning when the guests at the manor find other things to gossip about After speaking with her chaperone where the hell was she when Robbie fell into her naked lap? and her maid Lizzie is convinced that Robbie will offer for her hand to save her reputation Not that anyone cares at this point but never mind that When Lizzie confronts Robbie in the garden surrounded by scandalously shaped bushes he not only DOESN'T offer for her but mauls her with near uncontrollable lust Of which she's fine with until he admits he doesn't want marriage Wha WHA?Why doesn't Robbie want to marry? Because my friends he hasget readyerectile dysfunction cricket cricket After a horrific prank from his adolescence involving a group of friends and a prostitute Robbie has never been able toerrise to the occasion He has no problem around Lizzie mind you facepalm Meanwhile our evil desperate debutante who desperately wants to marry Robbie for his title and money partners up with her former flame to drive Robbie Lizzie away from each other Oh and have a little anal sex while they talk about their evil plans to marry other people If it's anal it doesn't count GEEZE Anyway Lizzie narrowly escapes with her innocence when the evil former flame practically rapes her at which point Robbie finally offers to marry her Since he walked in on the two of them in dishabille They marry uickly but their marriage is far from happy Robbie refuses to consummate the union leaving Lizzie thinking horrible things about herself Which leads to weird and awkward sex talk between each of our leads with various supporting characters about why sex will save their marriage Are you rolling your eyes yet? I was really bummed by this book It's one predictable cliche after another with very little investment to plot that isn't driven by lust How do the characters resolve their conflict? By finally having sex At the very end of the book It's incredibly anticlimactic It's the 4th in the series so I'm hoping the first few are better Because folks I have four to read le sigh The Naked Earl by Sally MacKenzie 352 pgs pub 2007Rating D Romance 05 Raunch 25

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    Earl Robert Hamilton jumps naked from window to avoid slut trying to trap him into marriage only to jump in room of his naked best friend Lady Elizabeth She's been in love with him forever The book moved well but was too convenient too corny at times Was far too contemporary American in voice; the blatant Americanisms pull ne right out of the story Will not be looking for from this authorPublished by Zebra

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    3 Stars

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    Probably my favorite of the Naked series I love the character of Robbie and Lizzy

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    Fun rollicking read but a few too many flaws to make this a reread or a series to continue Too many characters too much going on and what I think of as an old school romance trait scenes from the point of view of the villains including sex scenes to make up for the fact that the hero and heroine can't have sex until they're married at the end Additionally these scenes include the villain and villainess plotting the rape of the heroine and later the villain attempting it which wasn't pleasant The excerpt from the seuel also involves the heroine of that book nearly getting raped The secondary romances a duchess married to an eighty something duke who's desperate for an heir and the man who's in love with her and a sixty something chaperone who's been conducting an affair with her butler for the last forty years are far interesting than the main characters On the plus side the book moves uickly and I really enjoyed the hero's reason for refusing to marry the heroine despite his love for her he's impotent I'm not sorry I read it but I won't be continuing