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    Reviewed by Roy T James for Readers' Favorite Awakening by Sameer Ram is about bringing about transformation within individuals All the instructions to form the techniue for effecting this as the author mentions were received the form of dreams The techniue is divided into three distinct phases – Cleansing Internal Transformation and External Transformation After a good discussion about cleansing Sameer deals with the internal transformation techniues in its secular as well as yogic versions acuainting us with the salient features of each This is followed by another thorough dissertation on the practice of external transformation Consistency is mentioned as a desirable reuirement to achieve success Freuent changes to one's stated intention must be avoided as different signals go to the universe and to your own mind which will end in chaosThe Awakening by Sameer Ram is about a complex subject Freuently posed uestions in this connection how the techniues outlined work what is the logic to it or is there scientific evidence to support the techniues? are answered in this book The modus operandi to be adopted for practicing this in each of the three phases is described uite clearly and succinctly The welcome changes that can be expected in one's life by following these steps are also laid out However along with the procedures or steps to be taken for each phase a suitable method could be added to check one's progress which would have added to the value of this book enabling one to maintain the progress being achieved

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The Awakening


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