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Beyond Time

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Anthology of new work Includes The Cliometricon by George Zebrowski; The Rising of the Sun by Gordon Eklund; Jupiter Laughs by Edmund Cooper; Worlds Enough by Don Thompson; Assault on Fat Mountain by R A Lafferty; O Brave Old World by Avram Davidson; Hail to the Chief by Lu.

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R Naturally Rapacious Yankee by Dimitri V Gat; Letter from America by H R Percy; The Napoleonic Wars by Felix C Gotschalk; Checkmate in Six Moves by Olga Ley; Many Rubicons by Michael Orgill; The Fellini Beggar by Chelsea uinn Yarbro; All Possible Worlds by Laurence M Janif.

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Cy Cores; Soy la Libertad by Robert Coulson; The Devil and the Deep Blue Sky by Rob Chilson; A Class with Dr Chang by Ward Moore; Unscheduled Flight by Juanita Coulson; Alternate Universe poems by Thomas M Disch; Polonaise by Alan Dean Foster; U Genie SX 1 Human Entrepreneu.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 268
  • Beyond Time
  • Sandra Ley
  • English
  • 20 August 2019
  • 9780671807382

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    Alternate history has been around for decades yet it seems that only recently has it come into its own as a genre Thanks to authors like Harry Turtledove and Eric Flint people nowadays can't seem to get enough of alternate history This is one of the reasons why Sandra Ley's collection of short stories makes for such enjoyable reading Originally published in 1976 it offers a wide ranging collection of alternate history tales written before the genre became clogged with endless rehashings of the Confederates triumphing over the Union or Nazis winning World War II While Ley's collection does contain a couple of stories spawned by those settings such as Ward Moore's A Class with Dr Chang most of the stories have a freshness of premise that often seems lacking todayThis freshness results in a diverse collection of stories from Edmund Cooper's Jupiter Laughs in which a troop of Roman soldiers hunts down a young Jewish couple and their newborn baby to Avram Davidson's O Brave Old World where the decision to send an ailing Prince Frederick to America to recuperate leads to a very different revolution A few stories show their age most notably Lucy Cores's Hail to the Chief which comes across as a product of its time but most make for entertaining reading for fans of alternate history especially those who are curious to see a different focus than the ones which seem to dominate the genre today

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