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  • The Dangerous Jacob Wilde
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  • 03 September 2019
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The Dangerous Jacob Wilde

Sandra Marton Ë 3 download

Jacob Wilde lived a fast and furious life of reckless abandonuntil his wild streak put a cruel end to a life spent in pursuit of pleasureThe Texan ranching grapevine is legendary so Add. Jacob seems like a kind of decent guy really and I uite enjoyed this book It showed a realistic portrayal of someone suffering from PTSD and the effects it can have on relationships etc I liked the way it wasn't swept under the carpet didn't magically disappear just because of love and that he had to work at a cure that took time there was no instant fixAt the same time the accident that scarred his face is kind of glossed over as well We do get to find out what happened and how he got injured etc but I guess could have been said on the subject as it made up so much of his damaged personalityI'm kind of getting the impression that SM recycles some of her scenes This book contained a sex scene that could have been completely lifted from her previous title in the series so I am hoping the rest of the books don't follow the same route because that's just lazyI liked the h she didn't take crap from anyone even though she was maligned by others unjustly except by the Wildes

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Ison McDowell has heard all about Jacob Wilde's shameless past and his scarred solitary present But her only focus is her future which won't include this impossibly arrogant manAddison. 45 starsIt is uite a combination   strong feisty heroine  arrogant larger than life hero witty banter dry humor lots of sizzling attraction The result an amazing story Althu this story is much darker than the usual SM booksSM characters are well  portrayed they seem almost real almost humanShe does an amazing job at portraying a war damaged hero Arrogant vulnerable at the same time Jake pulled at my heart strings from the word go Addison is a no nonsense NY lawyer who had left her home trailer park behind her worked hard to be where she is today  Her relation with her mentor is a father daughter relation When he died he left her a ranch in Texas where she meets the Wilde family ultimately the coming home hero Jacob WildeAs always the hero heroine get off the wrong foot  The attraction is instantaneous scalding in its intensity You can only smile with indulgence at the way they can't keep their hands off each otherI m so excited about the Wilde series can't wait for the rest of the Wilde siblings stories

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Is no Texan wallflower when Jake starts a fight she's than capable of finishing it However a searing attraction to a man she knows cannot love her back That she has no idea how to handl. THE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE by USA Bestselling Author Sandra Marton is a November 2012 release by Harleuin Presents and it’s Book one of miniseries The Wilde BrothersJacob Wilde returned a wounded hero from Afghanistan But he was a tortured and reluctant hero He had lost some men and it had destroyed him He flew the Blackhawk and was shot at by the enemies He wore eye patch as he had come back minus an eye But these were only exterior wounds; the wound he carried inside was much much Coming to visit his family’s ranch in Texas he met the new next door ranch owner Addison McDowell And felt the first stirring of desire after a very long time But could he open up his frozen and tortured heart to AddisonAddison was wary of everybody and very conscious of her reputation But she also felt the attraction between Jake and herself What would she do Would she let her reputation and life be trashed by having a wild fling with Jake After all she did know that Jake was incapable of loving her backTHE DANGEROUS JACOB WILDE is truly a thrilling story and a must for your keeper shelf It was a fast paced moving uplifting and feel good romance Packed with witty dialogue intense emotion and sizzling love scenes A poignant story about letting go of the past and seizing the day I eagerly await the next book in The Wilde Brother series

About the Author: Sandra Marton

I've been a writer one way or another all my life Before I could read I made up poems and my mom wrote them down for me In elementary school my teachers almost always let me write poems or stories instead of reuiring me to do art projects Always I dreamed of becoming a published writerand that dream came true I write novels about sexy powerful men and independent minded women and wh