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The Permian Period

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Rs continued to cover much of Gondwanaland as they had during the late Carboniferous At the same time the tropics were covered in swampy forests Towards the middle of the period the climate became warmer and milder the glaciers receded and the continental interiors became drier Much of the interior of Pangea was probably arid with great seasonal fluctuations wet and dry seasons because of the lack of the moderating effect of nearby bodies of water This drying tendency continued through to the late Permian along with alternating warming and cooling periods.

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Pangaea by end of Permian This was the first time since the late Proterozoic supercontinent of Rodinia that such a landmass had formed Pangea was shaped sort of like a giant Pacman with the mouth on the east There was a correspondingly large single ocean called Panthalassa The body of water enclosed by the pacman mouth constituted a smaller sea the Tethys which covered much of what is now southern and central Europe Climate As the Permian opened the Earth was still in the grip of an ice age so the polar regions were covered with deep layers of ice Glacie.

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The Permian period was named in 1841 by the geologist Murchison after a tour of Imperial Russia to include the vast series of beds of marls schists limestones sandstones and conglomerates that overlay the Carboniferous formations in the eastern part of thecountry He named it after the ancient kingdom of Permia and the present city of Perm near the Ural mountains Geography During the Permian all the world's land masses joined together into a single supercontinent Pangea The collision between Laurasia and Siberia Kazakhstania and China finalized assembly of.

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