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T she’s never been the toad kissing kind Obsessed with landing a wealthy nobleman and escaping her humdrum life Bella will stop at nothing to achieve her goals Which is precisely what landed her here at the mercy of the BeastIn this imaginative retelling of Beauty and. Disclaimers I received an ebook of this novel for work to write a revie Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook precisely what landed her here at the mercy of the BeastIn this imaginative retelling of Beauty and. Disclaimers I received an ebook of this novel for work to write a revie

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Claws Long filthy and dangerously sharp They’re the first thing Bella sees after what’s been the worst day of her life If Bella were the uintessential Beauty gorgeous kindhearted and self sacrificing she might have a chance at transforming this monster into a man bu. More like Becoming Boring Full review to comemaybeSometimes you read t

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The Beast Bella's sense of entitlement strains both her family's finances and patience As punishment for her selfishness she's sent into the Beast's service where she must choose whether to follow the path she's always dreamed of or risk it all for something even great. I have really mixed feelings about Becoming Beauty The book was well wr Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience patience As Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 punishment for her selfishness she's sent into the Beast's service where she must choose whether to follow the Men in Kilts path she's always dreamed of or risk it all for something even great. I have really mixed feelings about Becoming Beauty The book was well wr

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    More like Becoming Boring Full review to comemaybeSometimes you read the first paragraph in a story and it's enough to know that you're going to hate it that was not the case here The beginning was actually pretty decent with a different twist to a well known storyIn this tale Bella is this selfish vain girl whose reckless reuest leaves her father in a world of troublesWhat happens next is pretty standard view spoilerexcept for the fact that Bella's sister Cass is the real Beauty of the family hide spoiler

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    Becoming beauty is an uniue fairytale on beauty and the beast The premise is interesting the characters are fine but I thought they are a bit dull I thought I did but one who's spent years hiding behind a rough exterior I couldn't see past yours

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    Very lukewarm sort of book Would be a good Hallmark movie that they play at 2 am during the holidays when everybody is with their families but you had to work so you have a glass of wine and search the channels for something other than The Grinch

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    Bella is manipulative spoiled and entitled Normally a character like that would get on my nerves but for some reason I found her to be entertaining than annoying I guess because she exhibited some remorse for the way she behaved and seemed to understand that she could be better She's intent on marrying someone wealthy but Cassie her beautiful sister always seems to attract the attention of the man she's trying to catchBella's father goes away on a business trip and she expects him to bring her back a nice gift When he returns with something truly amazing it is at a steep price He needs to return and work for the Beast His health is poor so her brother Aaron and sister Cassie make Bella go in his place I expected Bella to put up of a fight than she did She went almost too uickly which I chose to take as a sign that she's not all badShe goes and meets the Beast who is just as odious as she had imagined and his servant Jack Life isn't easy for her and she has uite a few lessons to learn before her journey's done The characters are far from perfect and each have something to learn I loved how kind Jack was to her and tried to help her feel welcome Her relationship with the Beast also improved and she started to see him in a new light There are a lot of parallels to Beauty and the Beast yet there are a couple of twists which make this a refreshing and fun read I didn't know how it was going to end I enjoyed this book from beginning to end I'm hoping there will be of these stories coming If you like fairytale retellings with a twist this is a book you will definitely enjoyI received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves

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    Disclaimers I received an ebook of this novel for work to write a review for the newspaper Deseret NewsMy Synopsis Belle is not the selfless girl everybody loves She is a manipulator who wants only one thing — to marry into wealth — and no price is too high to pay in achieving her goal But when the price is her father’s freedom her family deems it unacceptable and she finds herself in servitude to the BeastBelle is furious with her family but even furious when the Beast accuses her of being a selfish brat incapable of doing anything right Determined to prove him wrong Belle decides to become the best servant everIn the process Belle uickly discovers that maybe she isn’t the person she always thought she was Belle realizes that the Beast is less beastly than he seems and that his past still governs the presentWhen Belle realizes the Beast fits the exact description of the man she always wanted to marry she finds herself wondering if her dream of marrying for money still applies and if the Beast really is her prince in disguiseWith heartbreaking decisions to make Belle faces lying to herself or destroying the Beast again and time is running out With mysteries still unsolved Belle is about to change all of their futures forever I pulled these paragraphs from my official review for Deseret NewsMy Overall ThoughtsImpressions This retelling was not the typical retelling Everything was twisted and inverted and that was definitely a plus There have been so many retellings of Beauty and the Beast that it was nice to get one that was differentI did enjoy the book and I think fans of Beauty and the Beast will eat this one up; however it just lacked that extra something to draw me in I loved the writing the characters but there was just something missing to make this a 5 star bookI thought the retelling was imaginative So why 3 stars? Like I already said there was just something missing I read it but there were moments where the story lagged However having said that I would definitely still recommend this It's a uick read and fans of Beauty and the Beast will love this In Summary An imaginative inventive retelling of the old classic story that presents a completely new look on the story For fans of retellings WarningsSide notes No concerns I would recommend this book to readers of any age The Wrap up All in all a really good book It just lacked that extra something to make it stand out This was her debut novel and I'll be anxious to see what else this author writes LoveDanica Page

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    I received the eBook free as a review copy from the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest reviewIt’s only recently that I found my love for retellings and I’m extremely glad because it meant that from the second I read the synopsis I wanted to read this book so I have to thank the people over at Cedar Fort Publishing for hosting the blog tour and of course the lovely Sarah BoucherOnto the book the heroine Bella was as flawed as anyone else and it made her so much relatable as well as entertaining to read about Her character development is incredibly extensive but done beautifully so that she stays true to herself and doesn’t simply change overnight but learns from her past faults At first I admired how determined she was to get what she wanted but I grew to admire how she realised that dreams change yet she wouldn’t give up on hersThe Beast was just as great a character who undergoes a far visible change I loved the scene where Bella manipulated him into cutting his nails and hair; it was just hilarious and great comic relief However he isn’t the only man in Bella’s life and it was brilliant watching the relationships play out and not always in the way you expectIt took me a while to get my head around the ending because while I saw it coming I was in a way hoping it wouldn’t Yet I realised writing this review that it fit perfectly with the characters it was very much a character orientated book and I can’t see it ending any other wayThis isn’t just a book for people who love fairy tale retellings but for people who love a little mystery with their love stories and who can appreciate a great debut from an author who I can’t wait to read fromPosted on is also an interview with Sarah Boucher on the blog

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    One of my very favorite fairy tales is Beauty and the Beast I love the messages that you can't always judge someone by the way they look and you don't always know why someone acts the way they do there is usually a reason This is a fantastic twisted version of a favoriteBella is a spoiled rotten girl with a vicious streak of entitlement She's not as pretty as her sister nor is she as hard working as her brother When her demands end up causing her father to be put in a scary situation that leaves him sick her siblings come up with a good conseuence she can take the place of her father and become a servant to the Beast I loved that Bella isn't a perfect girl I loved that she had many many lessons to learn and that life wasn't easy for her It made her easy to relate to in that way I enjoyed the flashbackdream aspect that happened to her The Beast was great Of course his journey had a few twists in it as well I loved that there were similarities to the original story yet there were fun differences I didn't see the ending comingI thought the story flowed uite well with a good mix of characters and events I can't wait to read by this authorContent there are a few moments of mild peril and some romantic moments CleanI received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewNominated for a 2014 Swoony Award

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    I LOVE Fairy Tale Twists and this one has a TWIST on the TWISTHOW FUN IS THATExcellent writing keeps you captured until the very endBella knows how to get her way with her fatherand he will go to great lengths to give her what she wantsSo when he finds a jewel in the forest he knows it must be for his BellaBut a beast of a man sees him taking it and demands that it is hisBella's father makes a bargainhis life long servitude for the chance to give the jewel to his daughterAfter hearing the taleBella's siblings demand that Bella pay the price insteadSo Bella now finds herself at the mercy of this beastIt is not easy but Bella actually finds great satisfaction in doing houseworkwho knew?Now that the house is taking shape Bella decides to take on the task of turning the Beast into an acceptable manSounds familiarReady for ONE of the twists?Bella keeps dreaming of a girl named Roseand of different encounters Rose had with this man whom Bella now servesWait until you see how that plays out Another twist comes at the end of the bookso didn't see that one comingBelieve meit is DELIGHTFULLOVED LOVED LOVED THIS ONESUCH A FUN BOOKI would LOVE to read from this author

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    I have really mixed feelings about Becoming Beauty The book was well written and it's a great twist in a fairytale we all know The cover is gorgeous However I just couldn't relate to or fully fall in love with the main characters There were three of them and I just kept holding out hoping I could connect but it never happened Belle is incredibly self centered and selfish for uite a bit of the opening scenes and then at times she is overly pushy and dramatic Beast has his control freak grumpy slight anger managements issues going boiling beneath the surface And Jack well he seems a bit to self sacrificing and codependent for my liking I wanted to see relationship development between Belle and the man she gives her heart to it seemed rushed While I didn't fully connect with any of them I will say I enjoyed the storyThe author adds plot twists shows transformation of characters and weaves in a lot of magic with a cursed or maybe enchanted ruby pendant There is romantic tension and a great lesson at the end about family It's a clean read and a creative re working of Beauty and the Beast Well done and I'm interested in reading any fairy tale twists Sarah Boucher comes up with

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    I love fairytale retellings as is obvious by the fact that I’ve written a few My favorite part of retellings is to be surprised by a twist in the story In the debut novel by Sarah Boucher Becoming Beauty that’s exactly what happenedBella is a spoiled girl in spite of her fairly meager upbringing She has a major sense of entitlement When her father goes on a business trip her reuest for a bauble from said trip sets in motion a series of events that land her as servant for the “Beast” PhillipAdd to that a mysterious past with a woman named Rose who Bella seems to be psychically connected with and a loyal friend who becomes Bella’s only friend in the castle and you immediately have a twist on the traditional tale Where it goes from there is completely unexpected as the overindulged princess is brought to her knees Boucher has created a flawed heroine you’ll love and a hero that isn’t what you expect Prepare to be enchanted by this debut novel from a promising new author I look forward to what comes from her next