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Dwelling on the Threshold

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D relationships may vary widely between practitioners but many of the struggles and epiphanies shared within these pages are universal With a passionate knowledgeable and compelling voice the author describes a spiritual vocation that can be harrowing and lonely at times but also breathtakingly magical and profoundly fulfilling.


Leagues and mentors and guidance from the holy powers In a series of short essays and poems the author explores this sacred terrain of spirit work and devotional polytheism drawing on her own personal experience as well as placing these practices in the context of ancient traditions and overall modern paganism Specific rites an.

Sarah Kate Istra Winter ✓ 1 REVIEW

Within the myriad traditions of modern polytheism some are called to a deeper and consuming level of engagement with the gods spirits and otherworlds These mystics devotees shamans god spouses seers spirit workers and others often must craft a uniue path for themselves based on scraps of historical evidence inspiration from col.

  • Paperback
  • 198
  • Dwelling on the Threshold
  • Sarah Kate Istra Winter
  • English
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9781475255997

2 thoughts on “Dwelling on the Threshold

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    While I'm sure this book is full of a lot of information far useful to spirit workers and devotional polytheists what this book really hammered home for me thus making it useful in another regard was that being a spirit worker or devotional polytheist are not for me These are paths that people are generally called to undertake and like any religious tradition they are not to be taken lightly a point Kate Istra Winter makes repeatedly throughout the bookAt the same time this book does help a reader put their own worldview into context The paths of devotion and spirit worker are not the only ones out there and perhaps one can go deeply into relation with one's gods on these other paths Ultimately though those other paths are not the domain of this book A spirit worker to be or devotional polytheist will certainly find much utility in this book; people meant for other paths will hopefully see that is the case as well

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    The best book I have ever encountered on spiritwork Truly singular

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