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Escape as she takes her daughter from Iran over the Zagros Mountains and into Turkey The book sold 12 million copies and inspired the 1991 Hollywood film of the same name starring Oscar winner Sally Field For twenty years Betty's husband has kept silent Now in Lost Without My Daughter Sayed Mahmoody finally reveals the astonishing truth As well as being a moving frank story of a Good to hear the In the Grip years Betty's husband has kept silent Now in Lost Without My Daughter Sayed Mahmoody finally reveals the astonishing truth As well as being a moving frank story of a Good to hear the

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In 1987 American housewife Betty Mahmoody published Not Without My Daughter which became a sensation In the book Betty claimed that she and Mahtob her five year old daughter had been kidnapped from the USA in 1984 and imprisoned in Tehran by her Iranian husband Dr Sayed Mahmoody aka 'Moody' a man she vilified as a violent sadistic monster Betty's story culminated with a dramatic When words failI

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Once happy family's collapse and a father's subseuent search for meaning in his life Lost Without My Daughter is also a cultural and political history of Iran from the revolution to the present day Perhaps than anything it is an exercise in truth the last ditch attempt of a father desperate to reach his daughter to let her know that he is not the monster he has been portrayed to Hmmm now who do

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    When words failIt's difficult to read this book Not least because the syntax and grammar as well as the narrative are poorly executed However it should be readI read NWMD in the early 90s through a teenagers eyes Then a few months ago I read Mahtob's book That of course led to this book As has been said by others collecting all facets of the story is importantwhich is why this book should be read I have no doubt that Mahtob and Betty are telling the truth about Moody's abuse and change of attitude Reading this book solidified that for me In not admitting that he was a physical uick to anger person he self identified as a pacifist parent who had been maligned by almost every entity on the planet But it's not just Mahtob and Betty who saw the other side of Moody His own friends confirmed Betty's version and if you read Mahtob's book you see that Moody's best American friend called him out for his lies regarding taking Mahtob to Iran It's been confirmed that Betty was told it was a two week vacation But Moody until the very end insisted on the lie It's hard to imagine being cut off from a child and I know alienation against a parent is real But strangely this book is less about exploring one side of the story and providing a counterpoint than it is about a narcissist and his struggle to uphold his self image Reading this book leaves you confused

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    I won't give this book any stars because I am so familiar with Not without my daughter So this book really made me think whether I too am a victim of propaganda True when I saw the film and the end with the American flag and we're home I wanted to gag No other nation is so darn proud of itself and without any reason I am sorry my American friends but it is true However I do know the problems with female rights in Islamic countries would be stupid if I didn't and I hate that kind of culture But Sayed Mahmoody makes an interesting case because he DOES acknowledge the problems with female rights and seems to be all for them However I hate all kinds of extremists especially religious ones who are the most dangerous be it Islamic or Christian fundamendalists Therefore this book was some sort of an eye opener for me I do know of the hypocrisy in the States at least the Islamic countries are not hiding the shit they put women through But when considering the totally opposite image the West and especially the States gives of women in movies especially porn industry ads etc it is also damaging No woman can live up to the beauty demands and if you don't live up to it they lose self esteem and that is dangerous especially among young girls with anorexia and bulimia et al Funny that both countries are responsible for making demands to women the other forces you to hide your beauty the other considers you as nothing without it sometimes an impossible amount of it But if I had to choose out of two evils at least Western countries gives you a choice and women have freedom The strong ones do not bend to the stupid beauty standards and that is okay Not that movies and ads don't try though I despise the Western demands on women but when it comes to Islamic demands there are no words to describe my hatred towards how they treat women I am no racist but you might call me a cultural racist I do not have to be accepting of cultures that do not accept my gender Period However this book made me think that do we really know the whole truth of the Betty Mahmoody story Sayed Mahmoody does build an interesting case And since I haven't been a fly on the wall I do not take sides this time I am glad I read this book written by an educated man but I will still continue to read the books about the awful conditions of Muslim women But don't get me wrong I am also critical of the west just watch Miss Representation and there you go Wish we achieved euality at some point but I doubt it will ever happen Not in the Eastern nor the Western countries And I am sooo gonna get stoned not in the getting high sense or crucified depending on your religion but religion is to blame And men Could write but I think I've said enough ;

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    The book was not so much about his family or his daughter as it was about the social and political aspects of the IranIrai war Mahmoody argues against claims made by his wife but then proceeds to gloss over his account of things focusing instead primarily on his discussion of the warFor me who has both read the book and seen the film based on his wife's accounts I felt that despite hers being seemingly too over dramatized and exaggerated to be completely believable his was far too sanitized to be believable at all It felt like a shame that this alleged effort to clear his name tell his side and reach his daughter has turned into little than a history book with a few disparaging family stories about his wife I had hoped for from Mr Mahmoody some insight into his person and some clear cut answers from his perspective Instead I finished the book wondering what the point was especially in the editor who seemingly has missed far grammatical errors than I would think possible for a book that short I would not bother reading it again

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    What a brilliant read 20 years after being shocked by Betty's story it was great to read the husband's story and realise that there are indeed two sides to any story This is a must read

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    Good to hear the perspective of the dad in this story Unfortunately both the mom and daughter both agree that he was abusive and intent on keeping them hostage in Iran no matter how much he tries to spin himself as a perfect peace keeper and his wife as a complete mental case Gonna go with the 5 year old here who remembers her dad bashing her mom's head into the wall cause I feel like that would be kinda hard to forget Also no amount of Iranians are just like Americans is going to win me over when the next paragraph is all about public hangings with no trial women being executed for letting their ankles show and sending children into war to blow up land mines for the army Cause that kinda sounds like Iranians are NOT just like Americans

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    Dr sayeed mahmody fails to convince the readers that he had not kidnapped his wife and child

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    Hmmm now who do I believe????

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    I only got to read a sampleit all started with one of those where are they now? Moments Betty and Mahtob That's how I found about Dr Mahmoody's book I was curious What little I read didn't surprise me Caught in a nightmare of his own making of course he's not going to incriminate himself I would still like to read the rest of his book

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    The other side of things So much to contradict his wife's bookToo much about the warNeeds some editing

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    I had read in succession NOT without my Daughter My Name is Mahtob and this then was recommended It was exactly what I thought propaganda and war details of which he had been obsessed with It showed a man who seems to have been YELLING his view speaking evil of Betty and acting as though all he wanted in life was to be with Mahtob His story didn't even make sense chronologically IF it were read on it's own I skimmed through the long drawn out parts found it interesting and very very sad the way it all ended BUT he did fit a troubler abuser profile smack on Perhaps worth the read but only if it's free which it was for me in the lending library and then interesting to read after the other two Interesting to see how he actually either believed his lie OR was forced to write it to defend his country I do not believe he loved his daughter in a true parental love even after reading his side Also the grammar and dreadful way he represented Betty's family was slanderous and hard to read

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