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Doing Archival Research in Political Science

review Doing Archival Research in Political Science

Ng to archival collections This volume challenges archivists to think outside the box of the conventions of history and reconsider their collections from the perspective of the political scientist This first of its kind book traversing political science and library and information science challenges political scientists' reliance on easy data promising in return better data The editors propose that the archival record is replete with data that are often superior to current available public data both uantitative and ualitative Substantive chapters in Doing Archival Research in Political Science illustrate how archival data improve understanding across the array of subfields in American politics It also challenges archivists to rethink their collections through the prism of political science Doing Archival Research in Political Science holds tremendous cross disc

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Given the dearth of training in archival research the editors envisioned a book that addresses the how to of archival research by involving the perspective of archivists The editors identified chapter authors who demonstrate in their research oriented essays how archival research influences and improves empirical political science research They weave their scholarly contributions together with their practical experiences and boots on the ground advice to ease readers toward their first foray into the archives Because archives were largely abandoned by political scientists in the 1950s archivists' understanding of their collections and their archival practices is heavily influenced by the habits and methodological concerns of historians The essays in this volume help archivists better understand the somewhat uniue perspectives and habits political scientists bri

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Iplinary appeal Students and faculty in political science are exposed to a fertile but underutilized source of empirical data Political scientists will benefit from the methodological perspectives the practical advice about doing archival work and the concrete examples of archives based research across the subfields in American politics eg congressional studies presidential studies public opinion national security interest groups and public policy Students and faculty in library and archival studies will benefit greatly from the candid discussion of the uniue theoretical and methodological concerns inherent in political science improving their ability to reach out and promote their collections to political scientists Examples of archives based political science research will help library faculty better understand how their collections are being utilized by user

  • Hardcover
  • 382
  • Doing Archival Research in Political Science
  • Scott A. Frisch
  • English
  • 22 May 2019
  • 9781604978025

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