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Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising

Scott Meredith  9 Read

Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising describes the theory and practice of the most characteristic internal energy of the.

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Ted and the original Chinese source texts that define PENG energy are accompanied by new translations and analysis.

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Universally popular Chinese Tai Chi Chuan martial art A full set of practical exercises is presented and illustra.

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    Sort version you want to learn tai chi energetics? Get this book Long versionThis is a great book if you are interested in genuine Tai Chi ENERGY development Scott introduces a basic framework of understanding and then gives you a simple set of concrete drills called micro activation Think of it as taichi standing meditation 20 It basically helps you relaxI personally think micro activation is genius I can go on about how it is clearly influenced by Systema and Yiuan other arts Scott trained extensively in but the real simple fact is that this stuff boosted my energy develop like crazy I mean like CRAZY I have been doing ZM style standing for about 3 years seriously that is than 30 mins each day for about 1 year Scott's first book JUICE radical energetics helped for developing conceptual understanding but this one is 100X better I followed his directions and I FELT things After about 1 month of working with this I felt the HARD WAVE described in the book Yes the HARD WAVE is real It feels exactly like what Scott says it feels like I am eager to keep working this stuffAlso get the DVD of the same name from

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    I don't believe a word of the theory behind this book I don't believe the earth is filled with a reservoir of energy that will rush up the backs of my legs etc Happily one need not share the author's belief system to profit from his work I have certainly experienced some of the phenomena that Scott Meredith is describing and I plan to use these exercises to see what other things I can experience I do not share Meredith's priorities the amazing rush above all things including health and combative efficiency but I am gleaning uite a bit of useful knowledge from the book and it has certainly informed my practice

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