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In 2008 22 years after the events of the earlier book former lawyer Rusty Sabich now a Kindle County Ill chief appellate judge is again suspected of murdering a woman close to him His wife Barbara has died in her bed of what appear to be natural causes yet Rusty comes un. Scott Turow's Presu


Der scrutiny from his old nemesis acting prosecuting attorney Tommy Molto who unsuccessfully prosecuted him for killing his mistress decades earlier Tommy's chief deputy Jim Brand is suspicious because Rusty chose to keep Barbara's death a secret even from their son Nat. Do you ever wonder

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For almost an entire day which could have allowed traces of poison to disappear Rusty's candidacy for a higher court in an imminent election; his recent clandestine affair with his attractive law clerk Anna Vostic; and a breach of judicial ethics complicate matters furth. My recollection of

  • Hardcover
  • 416
  • Innocent
  • Scott Turow
  • English
  • 09 May 2017
  • 9780446562423

About the Author: Scott Turow

Scott Turow is the author of ten bestselling works of fiction including IDENTICAL INNOCENT PRESUMED INNOCENT and THE BURDEN OF PROOF and two nonfiction books including ONE L about his experience as a law student His books have been translated into than forty languages sold than thirty million copies worldwide and have been adapted into movies and television projects He has fre

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    Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent has always been one of my favorite books and I still think that it's the best legal thriller I've ever read I've also enjoyed the novels that Turow has written since Presumed Innocent but I approached this seuel with reservations I wasn't sure why Turow would resurrect these characters and attempt to write a seuel to a virtually perfect book Why not leave well enough alone?In the end I wish he would have That is not to say that I didn't enjoy Innocent; it's generally a good read and if I had never read Presumed Innocent I probably would have been perfectly content with the time I spent with the book But I have read the first book I couldn't help comparing Innocent to the original virtually page by page and the newer book constantly came up shortIn Presumed Innocent Kindle County prosecutor Rusty Sabitch was accused of the brutal murder of a female colleague with whom he was having an affair Tommy Molto another prosecutor fanatically pursued the case against Sabitch in a book that grabs your attention from the first line and refuses to let go The plot is brilliantly conceived with shocking twists and turns all of which are totally plausible and convincingNow twenty two years later Sabitch is an appellate judge and is running for election to the Illinois State Supreme Court when his wife suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances His old nemesis Molto is now acting prosecuting attorney and his ambitious chief deputy goads Molto into pursuing murder charges against Rusty Sabitch once againThe story is told from a variety of different viewpoints principally those of Sabitch Molto and Rusty's son Nat As in the first case Sabitch hires a brilliant attorney Sandy Stern to represent him and the second half of the book focuses on Rusty's trial In this case though the tension is not as high as in the first book and the courtroom scenes while gripping at times lack the spark of the first case In the first case the protagonists on both sides seemed to be caught up in a life and death struggle with everything on the line Here they seem to be going through the motions as if they don't have nearly as much at stakeMy real problem with this book though is that at the beginning Sabitch does two incredibly stupid things which seem totally out of character for someone as smart as he is and especially for someone who has previously been tried by fire To be sure if he doesn't do these things there is no story here But still I couldn't help feeling throughout the book that the whole plot rested on the shakiest of foundations and it never grabbed me the way that Presumed Innocent did In fairness few books have ever grabbed me as Presumed Innocent did and as I suggested above had I never read the first book I would probably have been perfectly content with this one which for all its faults is still better than a lot of other legal thrillers that one might read But Innocent attempts to stand on the shoulders of one of the best books I've ever read It's hardly surprising that it falls a bit short

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    This is a seuel to Turow's groundbreaking debut book Don't know why the author couldn't come up with a better title The book was written 20 years after the first and consistently enough we find our protagonist and antagonist Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto 20 years olderNot sure if all the soap opera stuff was necessary as if Mr Turow was trying too hard to create of a character driven novel than the first Rusty Sabich Tommy Molto book The love triangle in this one reminded me of Josephine Hart's Damage but in this novel it was of a distraction than the focusThemes from the first book are revisited as if it was deja vu and the story is slow to start with But the book has very good court scenes and enough red herrings to keep the reader interestedI have to say that it is common for a seuel to fall short of the original and this generalization applies here

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    I used to love Turow's legal thrillers — but either my taste has changed or Turow's writing has I just got bored Of course it doesn't help that I've got seven or eight other books sitting on the bedside table and I'm thinking about the trip I'm about to leave onDid Turow's characters spend so much time in his earlier books staring into their navels and thinking about themselves? The lead character here gets all of his chapters written in the first person and he has an incredibly dull inner monologue running Me me meThe chapters centering on other characters are written in the third person and they seem to be better Still to much moaning and bitching about their lives — everyone here is pretty dysfunctional — but there seems to be a bit actionI remember Turow as writing — essentially — the courtroom attorney's version of a police procedural Instead of casting some overweight and emotionally broken cop and watching how he thinks and obsesses about solving some puzzling crime you'd have an assistant DA doing the workThe chapters that focus on that part of the story were the best part and the only reason it kept two stars But I couldn't skip the boring parts or I'd spend too much time backtracking to fill in the missing piecesSo I ended it Too bad; I used to have great memories of Turow's novels and now I wonder if I re read them whether I'd re like 'em­

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    Do you ever wonder why you pick up a book? I had put Innocent on my list when it was first published I had really liked Presumed Innocent when I read it in the 80's The I thought about it the reluctant I became to read this seuel I think I worried it would ruin my love of the first Did I really care what happened to Rusty Sabich? Cheez that was twenty years ago As fate would have it while visiting our library there was the audiobook staring me smack in the face and I needed something to listen too so home it came with me At first my initial concerns were confirmed Rusty is in trouble again His wife Barbara is dead seemingly a suicide Rusty waits than a day to report this death some suspect murder and as in Presumed Innocent he becomes the logical suspect Old hat Then something changed and as I listened to InnocentI uickly became engrossed in the story the plotting the thrill of the hunt for the truth I couldn't walk long enough or listen fast enough so dumped the audio and got the book Finished it in a day and would rate it right up there with Rusty's first appearance I think you could easily read either as a stand alone but having the background though sketched in Innocent does make for a better read I loved the characters particularly those that reappeared from Presumed Innocent It was good to see their growth or not As I turned the last page I was glad I fit this book into my reading schedule and enjoyed Turow's expertise in Turow bringing the plot twists together Though some found improbabilities none stood out enough to bother me The courtroom scenes are informative and up there with the best of the lawyers who are writers What really made Innocent for me was that most of my theories were wrong never figuring it out and was surprised by the ending I like that

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    At some point we’re all going to have to agree on a statute of limitation on spoilers When is it fair game to give away an ending? Because Presumed Innocent was published in 1988 and a pretty popular movie version with Harrison Ford came out in 1990 It’s almost impossible to summarize the seuel Innocent without giving at least some of the first one away On the other hand you’ve had 20 years to read the book or see the movie Don’t blame me for your lazinessSo in the interest of going spoiler free for any who might be interested here’s a uickie round up of the book Scott Turow basically invented the modern legal thriller in Presumed Innocent opening the door for John Grisham and Law Order to turn us all into amateur lawyers Turow is less concerned with the tricks of the trade for criminal law in this one and focuses even on characters Once again he tells the story of a trial while revealing much but letting us know that there‘s to the story than we‘re seeing in the court room If you’re in the mood for a legal whodunit with strong characters struggling with the conseuences of their secrets this is the book for youIf you don’t mind some mild spoilers of the first book you can keep reading I’m not giving away anything that isn’t on the Innocent book jacket Otherwise stop here if you want to remain 100% spoiler freeTwenty years after being accused of raping and killing the lover he was cheating on his wife with Rusty Sabich has managed to put a respectable life back together He is still with his wife and is the chief justice for a court of appeals You’d think that having one affair that nearly resulted in him being convicted of murder would have taught Rusty a lesson but turning 60 and being unhappy with the state of his marriage to his bi polar wife leads him to an affair with a much younger woman who worked for him Eighteen months later Rusty’s wife dies in her sleep but Rusty is behaving strangely Soon the prosecuting attorney is trying to figure out if he should charge Rusty with murderThe story shifts through several viewpoints from Rusty his mistress Anna his son Nat and the prosecutor As in Presumed Innocent Turow does a great job of letting us get to know the characters while keeping the central mystery intact Even though Rusty is the narrator for a large portion of the book we know that he isn’t telling the whole story and it’s uality writing that makes you sympathize with him even as you’re not entirely sure what kind of man he really isI also loved how Turow never gives away the biggest secret revealed in the first book while letting it hang over this one You could read this without having read Presumed Innocent and still enjoy it uite a bit However knowing that ending while reading this puts a whole other dimension into the storyThis was a seuel worth waiting over 20 years for

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    Rarely is a seuel eual to the original Innocent takes place 20 years after Presumed Innocent and while it can be read alone is much better if you read Presumed Innocent firstScott Turow pulls off the difficult task of telling the story from various viewpoints in the present tense In addition to a good mystery he captures the issues physical and mental of those of us passing sixty

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    While he may not have invented the legal thriller Scott Turow certainly helped usher in the era of the legal thriller twenty years ago with his best seller Presumed Innocent And while Turow has revisited some of the supporting characters of Presumed Innocent in his subseuent novels he's always avoided a direct seuel to the book that put him and the legal thriller on the map Until nowI'll have to admit I was dubious about Innocent I've been burned too often by seuels written years later that come off as less like a natural continuation of a story and like a money grab based on a familiar name or propertyAll of those fears and doubts were dispelled within the first ten pages of Innocent The novel did exactly what Presumed did twenty years ago pulled me and didn't let go until the last page was turnedInnocent picks up 20 years after the events of Presumed Innocent Rusty Sabich is back serving on the appeals court and running for state supreme court His professional life is going well and things with his wife Barbara are back on a solid ground though there's an undercurrent of tension due to her on going issues with depression Rusty is tempted by his law clerk Anna who clearly flirts with him and makes it clear she'd like to see their relationship be something On the final day of her time as his clerk Rusty and Anna begin a short lived affair with Rusty considering divorce from Barbara However Rusty eventually decides against it and ends the affair after a few weeksA few months later Rusty's son Nat contacts Anna about leasing her old apartment while he's serving as a law clerk Through a string of e mails and meetings the two have a chemistry and despite reservations from Anna the two eventually become romantically involved After several months Barbara invites the couple to dinner But are her motives as innocent as they appear? Has she discovered the link between Rusty and Anna and what will she do about it?The next day Barbara dies of what appears to be natural causes Rusty waits 24 hours to notify the police and authorities raising the suspicions of Tommy Molto Molto is still stinging from the fact that Rusty was acuitted at the end of Presumed and is cautious about pursuing the case for fear of looking like he's out for revenge Eventually too much evidence turns up and it appears that Rusty may be getting away with murder twice Rusty is arrested for murder and put back on trial for the death of BarbaraTold from varying points of view Innocent is a fascinating and compelling legal thriller not only for the mystery of how and why Barbara died but also some of the ethical implications The specter of Anna and Rusty's short lived affair as well as a slip by Rusty to a defendant in an appeals trial hover over the entire book driving the narrative forward The uestion of it Nat will find out about his father and Anna's affair keeps the tension going Turow also trades off between point of view in the story we get first person perspectives from Rusty Anna and Nat while we get third person from the legal team of Molto and companyAs with the first book it's clear that Rusty has made some mistakes but whether or not he's a murderer isn't made clear until the final stages of the story And even after that has been resolved the implications of things and their impact on the characters is examined In short it's everything that made Presumed Innocent a classic of the genre Not just the legal aspect but also the character aspect A superb follow up

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    It took me uite a while to finish this one It just didn't grab me but at the same time because I knew some of the characters from the book Presumed Innocent I really wanted to see how this would play out Part of the problem for me was that the main character made another really stupid mistake like he did in the previous book It effected how much I enjoyed this one I did like the last part of the book for the most part but not as much as I had hoped

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    My recollection of the 1987 blockbuster Presumed Innocent was being totally thrown off guard by the resolution of that wonderful legal thrillermurder mystery I loved it And now Scott Turow is back among those same Kindle County characters 20 years later in Innocent And wouldn't you know it he had me guessing and kept surprises hidden all over again as there may or may not have been a murder a suicide a conspiracy a love triangle andor a psychological chess game It's another smart plot flushed out characters keep your synapses snapping clues and courtroom one upsmanship This one may be Innocent but Turow's guilty of one riveting read

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    Scott Turow is a fantastic writer That’s the first and best reason to read him His literary style his amazing use of simile and his complex and human characters give his novels depth and build and broaden the emotional impact on readersThat would be enough but there’s Here ‘Innocent’ is a seuel twenty years later to ‘Presumed Innocent’ Turow’s breakout bestseller made into a wonderful movie with Harrison Ford Brian Dennehy and Raul Julia Rusty Savich’s wife has died apparently of natural causes But was it? Tommy Molto the second chair in Savich’s prosecution for murder twenty years earlier suspects the worstTurow creates a beautiful evocative story filled with human truths That would be way than enough but there’s something else Turow a practicing lawyer also lets us into the legal industry Judges prosecutors defense lawyers legal assistants clerks cops investigators all play their role in the system but also make connections and relationships within the system Only an experienced lawyer could give us this; only Turow could do it so wellAnd that would be ten times enough but there’s still His novels set in Kindle county also let the reader into a fictional world Having read from the beginning of the series I know this county and its residents bad things and good things have happened lives have changed kids have grown up and it’s all connected in my brain as though I’d lived a parallel life in Kindle county Amazing and so worth it

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