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Jobs and lives behind though doesn’t mean that they’ve left their baggage behind too Joe’s had a really rough week and to everyone’s surprise fixes see #1

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Damon Erik Tork and Joe are back again for another wild weekend together where they can all let go and really be themselves Just because they’ve left their Can't wait for th

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The draw so he gets the sub straw Can Damon Erik and Tork help Joe deal with his troubles and send him home on Monday feeling ready to take on the world agai I loved this stor Un baiser sucré pour le coeur d'un garçon on Monday feeling ready to take Vogue Goes Pop: Coloring Book on the world agai I loved this stor

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    Smut that's what this is Well this does have a little story than the first book Now we're getting to know the guys a little bit better and I'm really looking forward to the next story I hope it's Damon's turn to pick the short straw Although maybe he should be last

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    Can't wait for the next straw

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    JoeOnce again Sean Michael does multi partner kink well with another weekend with one of the men playing bottom for the others

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    see #1

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    Cops detectives and anyone else involved in law enforcement have to be on guard all the time Personal lives take a back burner and what they can have is somewhere between difficult and impossible In this series four men have taken a uniue approach to these problems not to mention they are gay which makes everything even complicated They have secret get togethers once a uarter where they can relax and catch up with themselves and each other One of the four gets to submit each time having the other three's focus on him for an entire weekend Since none of them submit easily or would do so voluntarily I suspect they draw strawsAt the end of my review for the first book in this super hot series I mentioned my hope for a novel about the four men since I was curious about their uniue relationship and wanted to find out Instead it looks as though there will be a mini series with one man the focus of each novella In this second installment it is Joe’s turn He’s had it particularly rough lately so he makes sure he draws the short straw—and they are offWhen the unexpected hits and Damon their resident “geek” has to reveal a secret he has kept tempers flare and the guys’ emotions are all over the place It becomes obvious pretty uickly that they are truly in love with each other as they pull together to help Damon as much as they can I loved to see that side of them as it made them all a lot realIf you're looking for tough cops finding ways to decompress if you enjoy stories with lots of man on man on man on man action and if you're looking for a read that is hot and deeply touching as the men deal with a catastrophe of the personal kind then you will probably like this novella It promises much for the next volume in this seriesNOTE This book was provided by Resplendence Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    These four men together was fucking HOT You should totally read them allDrawing Straws ErikDrawing Straws TorkDrawing Straws Damon

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    okkkkkk not what I was expecting We are definitely moving into storyline along with lots of sex Kind of unfair to raise the stakes and then have to wait for the next book to see the progressionI kind of wonder why they don't live together in one place There's no mention of how far apart their respective jobs are or same town different districts we are just left wondering those that think about these things anywaysBack to the nowI really didn't find Joe to be a great bottom He didn't seem to need to be pushed like Erik did and then stuff with Damon kind of over shadowed him especially near the end Of course I would certainly like to know what the next chapter would bring between them and looking forward to Tork's turn to be it

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    I loved this story and this series but that is nothing new since I've loved all the books I've read by this author Sean Michael does a terrific job creating strong sexy alpha males who have a tender side underneath it all I love the strong bond and friendship between these four characters and the sex scenes are smoking hot I like that they are able to talk to each other when there's a problem and they'll do anything for one another In the course of this story we learn Damon is going through a major crisis and I cannot wait for the next book in this series to see what happens next

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    Still a hot bed of sex but with so much to this storyLoved that we are getting from these sexy copsCant wait for again Damon has so much going on and all the men just want to support him through This should make for a great next book

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    This one nearly broke meJoe draws the short straw and gets to be the bottomLots of hot kinky sex but we also find out that Damon is suffering from CancerThis is gonna be a hard road for our boys x

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