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10 thoughts on “Medea author Seneca

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    Ok so like Euripides' Medea is all about feminism and how marriage is a patriarchal institution that screws over women But Seneca does not get feminism so he's all like VENGEANCE and WITCHCRAFT Less political but also so satisfying

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    Not to be weird but Medea is my role model

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    Gird yourself in fury with all your frenzy ready yourself for destruction Let the tale of your divorce be as memorable as that of your marriage how did you leave your husband? by the methods by which you won him Away with laggard lethargy; the bond concluded by crime must by crime be severed

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    The subject of Medea is a hard one to be confronted with In Ancient Greece mythology she helped Jason in finding the Golden Fleece and then became his wife giving him two kids By helphing the Argo she betrayed her country her father the King son of the Sun and even killed her brother while running away in some versions she dismembered his body and scattered his parts on an island knowing her father would stop to retrieve them for proper burial More killings followed including Pelias' who had refused to give up the throne to his nephew Jason convincing the old man's daughters to kill himBut arriving in Corinth Jason leaves Medea to get married with the King Creon' daughter Glauce Soon after the granddaughter of the Sun is sent into exile which she refuses Then Medea becomes mad at every meaning of the word This is this part of the story that Seneue tells Jealous betrayed hurt in her pride Medea starts to think about her revenge Moreover she has already committed a lot of crims and thinks she is already lost because of them those crimes she committed for Jason only and not for herself According to her everybody sees her as a criminal a title she accepts but they all forget that the criminal is the one to whom the crime benefits When Jason tells her that their children are the most important thing in the world to him she finally finds her way to make him suffer the most As unthinkable as it seems she decides to kill her two sons Before that she sends a poisoned gift to Jason's new wife a gift that sets fire to the palace and a part of the city killing the royal father daughter pairWhat is interesting about Seneue's tragedy is that Medea deliberately decided to kill her children which is not something that many authors told about the storyWikipedia According to the 7th century BC poet Eumelus Medea killed her children by accident The poet Creophylus however blamed their murders on the citizens of Corinth Medea's deliberate murder of her children then appears to be Euripides' inventionThis gives a real depth to the story because the betrayed spouse and the witch take over the loving mother Even if she doubts she always goes back to the conclusion that her children don't deserve to live because of their sinful parentsI really liked this tragedy because there is a real tension the subject is really tough Moreover as there are only a few characters we can really see Medea' madness grow against everybody's wishes hopes orders She is alone against everybody else sent to exile without her children Seneue' interpretation Her long lines sometimes two pages long allow the reader to see her turmoil the conflicts inside of her It is short and strong so it becomes truly powerful

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    I love the intensity of these classical authors Why have we lost it now? Are we just some pale versions of our ancient selves?

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    “A man who makes a decision without listening to both sides is unjust even if his ruling is a fair one”soo like yeah basically the exact same plot as euripides’ medea but just graphic because you know romans i did like that they played into medea being a witch but besides that i was bored the ending was exciting in this version and she was crazier so those were the only good parts

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    Not much to this version of the Medea myth from Seneca The version by Euripides is far superior in every respect The story line is the same but there is nothing new that Seneca's version brings to the myth Moreover it has none of the power the raw energy of the Greek version By comparision Seneca's Medea is tame and much too civilized to kill her own children There is some bitterness and resentment but not the horrific vengeance of the Medea of the myth It lacks the Dionysian force of the Greek original

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    Hard to read brutality and filled with passion overrules that

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    better than Euripides thank u Seneca for making my wife so cool

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    This chick is just too crazy

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Medea author Seneca

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Cherin Zauberin und Kindsmörderin musste zudem einen Autor fesseln der in die tödlichen Intrigen des römischen Kaiserhauses zur Zeit Neros verstrickt war. Not much to this

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Senecas Medea Tragödie reizt einerseits zum Vergleich mit dem berühmten euripideischen Vorbild und zeigt andererseits die typisch eigene Mythos Auffassung. Gird yourself in

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Lucius Annaeus Seneca often known simply as Seneca ca 4 BC – 65 AD was a Roman Stoic philosopher statesman dramatist and in one work humorist of the Silver Age of Latin literature He was tutor and later advisor to emperor Nero While he was later forced to commit suicide for alleged complicity in the Pisonian conspiracy to assassinate Nero the last of the Julio Claudian emperors he may