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    Rating 35 5I can't say why but this book never really completely engaged me I never really connected with the characters or the story or had a need to keep reading when I had other things to do I liked it enough; it was an interesting uniue tale but something and I don't really know what kept me from really getting into this book The Club is author Sharon Page's first mass market paperback release her previous were all trade paperbacks Set in regency England it's about a widow Jane who is desperately searching for her best friend Del who has disappeared Her search leads her to an exclusive sex club where she knows Del's ruthless husband forced her to go Once there she runs into Del's brother Christian Christian had been gone from England for many years after dueling with and killing his lover's husband But after receiving a letter from his sister pleading for help he returns to EnglandYear's before the two had shared a teasing tormenting friendship but now that they are partnering together to find Del passions erupt As they learn about the twisted circumstances of Del's disappearance their feelings grow Both however see marriage as something they can't have At the same time neither wants to give the other up First though they must solve the mystery endangering both their livesThis is the fourth book I've read by Sharon Page and when I first heard about this one I thought it would be comparable to the other three the Hamilton Sisters series in that it would be an erotic historical romance So I was surprised when I went to buy it and saw that it was an MMP from Dell and that they labeled it romance when it should have been labeled a historical romance Which made me wonder what type of story it would be how erotic You don't generally find erotic stories first published in MMP formatThis story ended up being much darker than I thought it would be The name and the synopsis kinda leads you to think the HH will get involved in a sex club exploring the sensual side of life But in reality The Club the sex club not the book is a rather sinister place for the most part Jane's best friend and Christian's sister Del is forced to go their by her tyrannical husband and forced to engage in group sex And other very nasty things discovered throughout the story give the club a bad reputation The HH never actually get involved with the sex capades just view them a couple timesAdding to the darkness of the story is the fact that both Jane's and Del's husbands were abusive bastards They have a lot of emotional scars because of what was done to them So the story isn't a light one But it is pretty uniue I haven't read a regency historical that delved into the darker side of life before at least not that I rememberSexually the book straddles the line between erotic and non erotic The sex is graphic than your typical romance but compared to a true blue erotic romance or even just one of Page's past books it's much tamer The sex is pretty basic stuff too There's some voyeurism of risue stuff but between the HH things stay mostly vanilla Which I admit disappointed me some There was a great opportunity for sexual exploration but it never materializedThe romance was pretty sweet though Jane and Christian were very caring and protective of each otherand yet there was just something that didn't engage me about this story And I honestly don't know what it was Perhaps it was because I was expecting something erotic exploratory Or maybe it was just something about the story itself I just don't know So in the end this was an okay good book It tells a uniue well written tale There's some pretty hot sex and I liked the characters For me it was missing a little something but I think it's a book that a lot of people will like I wouldn't suggest picking this one up for its erotic content though as some of her previous readers might do because it's not all that erotic But if you like a steamy historical romance that's a bit darker than normal then you might like this oneWARNING this book contains mildly explicit sex oral sex a little ass play mildly descriptive voyeurism of various sexual acts at a sex club talk of domestic abuse and mentions of rape and murder

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    This book is a mess It’s a tiresome long and just plain blah read Such a letdown being that it’s been touted as Page’s foray into mainstream historical romance but with a bit extra spice Spice aplenty there is but it’s shoved in all over the place and just doesn’t seem to fit with the characters One of those sex for the sake of sex novels at times that you often find in erotica What really bothered me about this story are the sub stories there are too many of them and they just keep on coming which explains why the book is 408 pages It really needs focus It meanders from one thing to the next which I found irritating There isn’t enough development between the hh either but all of a sudden they love each other Very left field here There’s also too much focus on the suspense aspect of the book People who are dead are suddenly alive mysterious events keep happening evil men abound etc etc Too much Some of the sex is totally out of place with the characters One that comes to mind is the rimming scene that was just there to “shock” the reader I thought There’s supposed to be a kind of love hate history between Jane and Christian but it’s not there Barely a barb was exchanged and whatever was was hardly worth mentioning It is a very dark story at times The club is a seedy place where twisted men get together to “explore” a sinister side of sex that’s not all that consensual Most of the women are trapped in loveless marriages with sexual deviants and have been psychologically as well as physically hurt This is the background of the story and the reader is led to believe that things will happen to the hh at this club but the back blurb is misleading because nothing really happens there It’s the starting point for the heroine to find her friend and the hero to find his sister who has disappeared This was the kind of book that I hoped would get better but never did It has a lot of potential A swingers’ club of sorts an extra dose of hot sex murder mystery but it’s a mish mash of a story that just doesn’t get you to connect with the characters I found myself counting the pages to the end skimming parts and just wishing it would be over Sharon Page writes some good historical erotica check out Sin for some top notch scorcher ménage scenes but this attempt at a mainstream regency historical romance is a dud

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    The Club by Sharon Page Historical Romance Regency February 24 20094 12 stars The Club is a deliciously decadent novel that in many areas shocked me This book explores the seedier side of the Regency era that was salient to the story If you haven’t read books by this author before be prepared for sensuous scenes as well as strong characters that will make you root for them Recently widowed Lady Jane is a woman with a mission While she couldn’t save herself from an abusive husband; she is determined to save her missing friend Unfortunately her friend Del was forced by her husband into participating at the Club a place where the unsavory world of sexual excess reaches the powerful and wicked desires of London’s higher society Lady Jane visits the Club and finds herself stonewalled by Del’s long lost brother Christian Dubbed “Lord Wicked” for his well deserved reputation Christian is the antithesis of all she believes Although she finds him devastatingly handsome and charming Lady Jane is fearful of the passion she feels for him But even as she tries to keep herself aloof from his wild disregard for society she realizes she feel most safe in his arms Christian has always admired Lady Jane even as she cuts him with her remarks She makes him want to be a better person and although it is dangerous for her to be embroiled in Del’s disappearance he can’t help but be happy that it allows him to spend time with her Sharon Page’s writing kept me on edge as the mystery behind Del’s disappearance is slowly and expertly revealed While many writers would revel in the shock value or focus purely on the sexual attraction between the characters This author takes the time to slowly develop the relationship between the two main characters Lady Jane and ‘Lord Wicked’ felt like real characters with very human frailties I really enjoyed the interaction between them and each seemed to compliment the other perfectly The riveting love between the two characters rises above and in stark contrast to the scandalous behavior at the Club As the main characters find redemption and acceptance they are healed by their love and adversity The romance between them was moving and by the end of the book I knew they had to be together The Club is not the typical Regency romance but one that will definitely keep you up all night to discover the endReviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    It didn’t hold my interest The plot and events were typical Nothing was special or differentSTORY BRIEFJane is a widow Her husband was a sexual sadist She didn't know sex could be pleasurable She only knew pain Her husband died in a fire with his mistress Jane's best friend is Del Del's husband Treyworth forced Del to go to a sex club with him where couples had sex in front of others Del is now missing Treyworth tells Jane that Del left England with a lover Jane doesn't believe him Jane goes to the club to investigate While there she runs into Del's brother Christian who is also looking for Del Most of the story is Jane and Christian trying to find Del Along the way they discover a group of men called The Demons Club who have sex with young girls held prisoner Some of these girls have been killedA second story involves Christian He was promiscuous and wicked with women in his youth He killed someone in a duel and left England to avoid a possible trial He spent several years in India He recently returned to England He and Jane were attracted to each other in their youth but they didn't realize it at the time During their current efforts to find Del they find themselves drawn to each other Christian shows Jane that sex can be pleasurableREVIEWER'S OPINION WITH HINTS OF SPOILERSSomehow this was not for me I liked the main characters but the plot the events the motivations and the dialogue were not entertaining enough for me I'm sorry to say I wanted it to be over I had some unanswered uestions I didn't understand why Del did some of the things she did and why Treyworth sent her to a certain place I didn't understand some of the motives and actions for things done by Sherringham and his mistress I also didn't understand why Christian was not prosecuted for the prior duel He left England to avoid prosecution yet when he returns to England there doesn't seem to be any threat of prosecutionDATAStory length 408 pages Swearing language moderate Sexual language moderate to strong Number of sex scenes 7 Total number of sex scene pages 37 Setting 1818 1819 London and Hartfordshire England Copyright 2009 Genre regency romantic mystery

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    DisappointingThe plot could have been rather interesting and was way blacker than what I expected considering first that a few visitors to the Club the eponymous sex club were not willing visitors and participants and then that some of the most ardent visitors to this club also enjoyed repulsive practices view spoiler with very young virgins who might have been no than children hide spoiler

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    THE CLUB by Sharon Page was an absolutely a wonderful passionate mysterious and dark historical romance It was a captivating read I'm in love with Christian Loved his endearments calling the heroine love pest and This was so wonderful gripping and had me teary eyed at times I never so much before wanted them together as they too fought that love and demons to believe they are forever together I've read that some thought this was a scorching erotic historical romance but its not an erotic book but it is a very passionate and romantic historical romances These last two days have brought me so much joy reading it This was one book that I could feel see and touch within The Club I never left outside of the book until the last page There's been times since that I have thought of the hero and heroine and how they would be doing today The very dark background of the story is what made it an erotic theme The mystery within this was done so well When the hero and heroine come together and grow with their love its very passionate and romantic Its not an erotic romance as her Aphrodisia books are And in my opinion this author Sharon Page is a superb author I didn't let this book down until I came to the end Totally absorbing read with the mystery of solving what happened to Lord Wickham Christian's sister Del This author has an outstanding skill to blend this into the story and making it very strong Ms Page also fulfilled the strength of the romance of Jane Lady Sherringham and Christian that was so romantic and passionate that this made too for a wonderful historical romance with both the hero and heroine having a past that pulled them together to grow in love as well as strengthen each other with their healing This book is on the top of one of the best reads for me this yearI also recommend her erotic historical and erotic vampire romances from Aphrodisia for those who enjoy reading this genre HOT SILK was her last release out and on my wishlist one of her erotic historical romances and her Erotic Vampire romance BLOOD DEEP will be out in May Check out her site at for 18 years of age and above at

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    On Page 65 and just not liking it a bit Started again last night and just wrapped up Two things why I didn't like the book I just never became attached the hh and I didn't care what happened to Del Perhaps if the story started with background on Del I would have cared about what happened to herI am not a huge fan of mysteries and this to me read like a mysteryromance rather than a romance with some mystery in itAlthough it was not for me I couldn't give it less than 3 stars the writing was good and at times I really did enjoy Christian

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    I didn't realize what I was getting into when I picked this one up It leans toward erotica set in a Regency setting Though well written I thought it leaned a bit to heavily on the idea of abuse vs SM for pleasure angle And one particular act between the hero and heroine really turned me off as in went somewhere I personally wouldn't care to go Others might not mind it it just wasn't my cup of tea That Page is a talented writer there is no doubt it was just not my kind of book

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    The mantel clock ticked away cheerfully and the fire crackled as it would in any drawing room unaware that danger and sin lurked everywhere in this evil clubWavering the candle's flame touched her with goldOh dear God Christian had always been there—in her soul

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    Love was grand in the 1800s

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