Summary ✓ To Trust a Cop

To Trust a Cop

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Murdered and she becomes the focus of the killer Like it or not she's hit the police radar and in steps sexy detective Cody Warrentrouble of a whole different kind Against the odds Merlene feels safe with Co. Private inves

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The cop who will protect her A tumultuous childhood taught private investigator Merlene Saunders that police are nothing but trouble Then her latest surveillance job takes a dangerous turn when her subject is. Cheesey but a

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Dy he won't let her in harm's way Very uickly things are intense between them and her walls start coming down Now she's torn between the lessons of a lifetime and the urge to open up to the one man she can tru. Aaaand despit A Friend in Need of a lifetime and the urge to The Good Housekeeping Cookbook open up to the Un baiser sucré pour le coeur d'un garçon one man she can tru. Aaaand despit

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