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  • Paperback
  • 276
  • The Truth Teller's Tale Safe Keepers #2
  • Sharon Shinn
  • English
  • 04 February 2017
  • 9780142407844

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The Truth Teller's Tale Safe Keepers #2

Sharon Shinn Þ 4 Read

Innkeeper's daughters Adele and Eleda are mirror twins identical twins whose looks are reflections of each other's and their special talents are like mirrors too Adele is a Safe Keeper entrusted with hearing and never reveal. Talk is cheap Especially when it comes to telling someone what is what People lie I've come to feel as I've gotten older that it's not good for all that much Is it important to be honest with everyone or just honest with yourself you'll learn doing the latter I think honesty is overrated There are too many layers too many almosts to say for certain The certainty is lying to me The intent behind the lie is what matters and the intent behind the truth right Because either one can hurtWhat is the price to pay for bearing the burden of someone else's secrets Words are for relating and if there's the chance to connect out of that then it is worth it I just don't trust it farther than I can throw it and I throw like a girlSisters Adele and Eleda are mirror twins I'd thought this was made up until meeting a pair earlier this year Like their appearance traits the nature of their gifts of truth telling and secret keeping are reflections of the other in the other direction Eleda cannot tell a lie or be in the prescence of one without naming it Their names are palindromes the lies and truths are fake palindromes Adele is silent holding in the secrets that people lay on her doorstep for their own peace of mind regardless of the added weight on her shoulders It is considered to be their birthrights in the kingdom that they live in Dream makers whom have the power to make wishes come true yet tragedy strikes those closest to them truth tellers and safe keepers are in every town keeping up the burdens for the greater good at great personal cost Shinn's deceptively simple fantasy world is gradient and realized as a real one Unlike the secret keepers known from the previous book Safe Keeper's Secret an absolute gem Adele plays with her position She'll pretend to be her sister when someone looks for a Truth teller It's an issue of communication I felt it sick beyond words that Adele and their friend had to poison Eleda to keep her from acting on the trust for the wrong person Why not break out of what you always do when you need to Words can be important sometimes Eleda can overlook nuances in her essentials though Sharon Shinn is amazing It is important to try I loved Eleda for wearing her heart on her sleeve Truth keeping nature aside it was her own nature to keep that openIt's opposite day and Adele will tell the truth and Eleda will lie I related to Adele in the ways that other readers have found to be her unreadably bad traits It's been one of the fears in my life that I'll end up forever the wooden post to be just there to hear other's problems with no care for me and who that me is that's listening not always caring I'll be honest It's something I'm torn about like Adele I wanna be able to listen but it does eat away at you especially when the chance to do the same is nil It isn't the nature of being a safe keeper solely the safe keeper of Safe keeper's Secret would confess secrets to another of her kind I think it had to do with the habits of inner honesty and dishonesty and keeping things to oneself It's a hard cycle to break There's a heart that should be kept only for oneself and that's Adele's coreCan't believe it took me this long to get to this Their twin relationship was another feeling I could relate to and eyed with keen interest for its development It's tricky when you can relate to someone a lot already and then the differences seep in or slam in as the case can be Like experiencing the same thing and coming out of it differently Beginning a life very much the same; looks to present to the world the same; same influential family background; culture Yet there are still differences It fascinates me how a person is different all the same Not just because I'm a twin and endlessly interested in everything to do with me Although that is true too The lies and truths are like that twin relationship too They stem from the same place and then twist The third book in the series The Dream Maker's Magic is a fairy tale about the paranoid superstition that something good always brings on something bad Like if you're afraid to hope for anything good and staying pessimistic keeps open the options for a turn of luck Safe keeper's Secret is easily one of the warmest books I've ever read It's about trying on everything pushing your round self into suare pegs until learning what fits I love Sharon Shinn because she knows how to tell a damned good story in an unpretending way When youngers I gave my twin the sarcastic nickname of Honest Lauren She then made it a point to be annoyingly honest about bad things I'd done too Ugh

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Ing others' secrets; Eleda is a Truth Teller who cannot tell a lie when asked a direct uestion The town of Merendon relies on the twins no one than their best friend Roelynn Karro whose strict wealthy father is determined to. Light sweet and almost hilariously predictable

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Marry her off to the prince When the girls are seventeen a handsome dancing master and his apprentice come to stay at the inn and thus begins a chain of romance mistaken identity and some very surprising truths and falsehoo. Another cute sweet story by Shinn I did wish to feel of an impact of the challenges and intricacies of what a truth teller and secret keeper face A pre teen or even teen girl would probably really enjoy this book

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I’ve been writing stories and poems since I was eight years old My first poem was about Halloween What is tonight What is tonightTry to guess and you’ll guess right Perhaps this inauspicious beginning explains why it took me till I was in my thirties to sell a novel It occurred to me early on that it might take some time and a lot of tries before I was able to publish any of my creative w