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    Slow start but a really fun read with an ending I LOVED Only an hour long audiobook but it stuck with me for a while

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    Cenote This Novelette while brief was very interesting I first heard about this Novelette from My Favorite Booktuber Merphy Napier who also narrates the Audiobook Version I found the ending to be absolutely incredible

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    Thanks to Shaun for a copy of this audio book this is my honest review This was a fun and intense short story i was really happy there was a cryptid in the story that was fun i loved the ending Merphy Napier does such a great job reading this story

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    This was a really short but very intense novelette I listened to the audiobook and as the remaining time ticked down the intensity increased because you know that the characters in this book only have one chance to surviveExtremely uick read or listen I recommend

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    This was a good short story easy to devour in less than 30 minutes The author posted this one free for the winter solstice which was nice When people are trapped in caves it almost never goes well for them That's all I need to say I had fun reading this and would recommend it to horror lovers

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    The story didn't vibe with me at all If the book would have been longer I definitely would have stopped reading it I pushed through because it was so short and I was just disappointed The characters were very bland I couldn't care less about what happened to themSomehow the author managed to take a very scary setting and make a not so scary book where not much happens and the interesting psychological elements of being stuck in a cenote are replaced with spooOooky rocks and eels The way it ended also left me dissatisfied Really wasn't for me Also major pet peeve for me was the casual slut shaming and the unnecessary description of the Ellie's boobs

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    I honestly need a moment to recover after going through this experience I had high hopes for this novelette after hearing the synopsis from a book reviewer but was left with them throughly shattered There are so many flaws to this novelette that it would take an essay to write them all Let’s start with Ellie oh Ellie What a bland and awful character you are Described as not being a ‘slut’ yet all she wants to do is sleep with men and expose herself at any given moment I know nothing about this girl other than she has breasts as they are mentioned every other page Arturo is eually as bland He is described as an ‘experienced diver and a strong swimmer’ yet struggles to hold his breath for over a minute and a half He is dimwitted and uses the word ‘critter’ an almost exclusively American term yet doesn’t know what a raccoon is The only thing he seems capable of doing is sueezing Ellie as this motion of ‘comfort’ happens too many times to note Let’s talk about the writing The dialogue is stiff and unnatural There is also a clear confusion in time as events seem to happen and then are described again eg they hit the water then Ellie is described as choking as she hits the water after this event has already happened And earlier when ‘Ellie hopped over a large root into the clearing and immediately sank into the ground stumbling and falling over’ she has already hit the ground and then sank into it? Everything is overly described adjectives everywhere please trust your readers to understand what is happening You don’t need to say things like ‘her words held an undertow of panic that threatened to sweep her away at any moment’ and then only a sentence later say ‘her voice trembled now as the fear pulled at her ankles’ we already know she’s scared Let us not forget the cliche phrases used ‘like they had fallen into the stomach of a monster’ and ‘swords of light stabbing down’ There is so much repetition ‘undulating’ ‘softly’ ‘membrane’ There seems to be confusion about the setting of the story as it claims at the start we are in Mexico and then goes on to say Arturo knows all the marine animals of the Caribbean and then goes back to Mexico again also how big is this octopus? It can reach into the first cenote and then follow Arturo through the passages to the final cenote with its eel lure? I honestly wish I could get this hour of my life back but I am just so speechless from the tragedy of this story It had a great premise a young couple falls into a hopeless situation trapped with a carnivorous legendary creature Instead it was trashy with underdeveloped characters and barely any plot

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    Listened to the audiobook while swimming which certainly inspired a swifter swim suffers a little from being so short and could have upped the creep factor with a little time but a solid short for a uick creepy read Merphy Napier did a great jo with the audiobook

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    Really dark and creepy short story Merphy recommended this in one of her videos and I am so glad I decided to read it I was on the edge of my seat the whole time

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    Sooooo creepyThis was eerie and made me feel true fear in my dorm room far away from any cenote It did it’s job

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