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The Struggle

Summary The Struggle

Y are as varied as the array of talent who united to create them spinning the threads of storytelling together to weave an extraordinary anthology unlike any otherThe Struggle features new works. I rarely review poetry as I find it difficult to critiue something so intimate emotion

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27 writers 29 original stories and poems A single themeThe StruggleFrom horror and humor to love and loss each tale reflects the struggles we all have to face – in life and within ourselves The. I put this book aside for the time being as the stories and poems are not really my st

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By James R Tuck Delilah S Dawson Karina Cooper Zoey Derrick J Elizabeth Hill Rick Austin and many of today’s top talentProceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to helping writers in nee. I loved being a part of this GREAT Anthology All the stories are AMAZING and I can't w

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