REVIEW ð Summer Tea The Tea Series # 7

Summer Tea The Tea Series # 7

CHARACTERS Summer Tea The Tea Series # 7

Summer Tea is the seventh novel in the bestselling Tea Series With over 250000 copies sold the series serves up fast fun reads full of action romance and laughs A fresh take on the serial novel not every mystery is solved at the end of the day or at the end of the book Each installment keeps you coming back for Cara Too many grammatical errorsIt’s been awhile since I’ve read the first six books but I don’t remember them having as many grammatical errors as this one It makes it difficult to enjoy the story I’ll give one bookings series a try but if it’s as bad as this one I’m done


Nship and he’s about to drop his fists and feet all over her When Suzi starts making excuses for his brutal attack and AJ seems to take his sister’s side will Cara have to choose between broken bones and a broken heart Raw and revealing Summer Tea exposes the cycle of abuse and the strength it takes to break free Love this seriesthis is #6 of 6 Mysteries and stories surrounding a big Irish American family and their friends Grab a mug of tea put your feet up and enjoy some fun easy reading

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O’Flynn should be breathing a sigh of relief Teagan is home to stay Jordan’s devious biological father is finally out of the picture and Suzi swears she’s leaving her abusive husband So why does Cara feel like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop Because Suzi’s husband blames Cara for his ruined relatio A cute little series Nothing intense just pure pleasurable reading Sometimes it's just nice to read a fluffy book

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  • Summer Tea The Tea Series # 7
  • Sheila Horgan
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  • 09 November 2019
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About the Author: Sheila Horgan

I signed up for Goodreads years ago with every intention of joining in Life got in the way Three adult children five grandchildren and blessed to have my father able to travel and visit at age 95 has been keeping me busy Since signing up I've been to Ireland a couple of times accompanied my father on a number of cruises including from England to the US and from California to Hawaii and

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