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The Money Bird Animals In Focus #2

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Ll Drop dead good Carole Nelson Douglas bestselling author of the Midnight Louie MysteriesFirst place with a perfect score Susan Conant author of the Dog Lovers Mystery seriesA smart first mystery Fans of Laurien Berenson or Susan Conant will especially enjoy this pet centered mystery BooklistBoneham's debut will delight dog fanciers Kirkus ReviewsBoneham packs a punch in her series debut RT Book Reviews. Photographer Janet MacPhail is back for her second “A


Animal photographer Janet MacPhail knows that trouble is in the air when Labrador Retriever Drake fetches a blood soaked bag holding an exotic feather and a torn one hundred dollar bill during a photo shoot at Twisted Lake One of Janet's photography students reports seeing a strange bird at the lake but he turns up dead before Janet can talk to him When she learns that the mysterious retreat center near. Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsThis is

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The lake is housing large numbers of tropical birds Janet is sure there's a connection and decides to investigate between dog training classes photo assignments and visits to her mom at Shadetree Retirement With help from her Australian Shepherd Jay and her uirky friend Goldie Janet is determined to get to the bottom of things before another victim's wings are clipped for goodPraise for Drop Dead on Reca. Janet MacPhail is a photographer that sees much throug

  • Paperback
  • 321
  • The Money Bird Animals In Focus #2
  • Sheila Webster Boneham
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9780738734873

About the Author: Sheila Webster Boneham

Sheila Webster Boneham writes fiction and nonfiction much of it focused on animals nature and travel She doesn't like to be labeled just as she reads across genres Sheila also writes across genres She is currently working on a novel a series of short stories a series of essays about traveling the US by train and a book length meditation on the human canine connection Sheila teaches

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    Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsThis is my first animal related cozy mystery I loved how Sheila was able to mix in her love of Australian Shepherds Labrador Retrievers animal training and sports into the story THE MONEY BIRD is the second book in Sheila Webster Boneham's An Animal in Focus Mystery Series and is completely standalone The story is told from the point of view of Janet MacPhail an animal photographer and an animal lover THE MONEY BIRD starts out with Janet and her boyfriend Tom Saunders at a place called Twisted Lake Her boyfriend Tom Saunders is an ethnobotanist a person who studies people in relation to plants and also a professor Tom is also an animal lover The two are at Twisted Lake so Tom's dog Drake can get some training needed for his Master Hunter title Janet is there to take pictures Everything is going well until Drake goes to retrieve his training bumper bird In the midst of retrieving the bird Drake veers off course and brings back a soaked canvas bag that contains a bird feather what appears to be money and what could possibly be blood Days later the body of someone Janet knows is found at Twisted Lake Janet isn't the type of person to sit back and let the police do their job She HAS to do her own investigation Janet's investigation uncovers a possible animal smuggling ring in Indiana of all places Janet’s snooping leads to her life being threatened on multiple occasions and the near death of someone she knowsI loved that the book had me at a loss as to who the killer was until the very end I’m looking forward to reading books from Sheila in the futureSource Blog Tour Host

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    A mystery romp so fun it will sneak up and bite you in the rear If you want to get that joke you'll have to read the book ; The tone is lighthearted the descriptions so vivid I could feel myself in each scene and the subject matter of illegal bird smuggling is topical and covered compassionately Add in great dog scenes loveable characters and a wee touch of romance and you can't go wrong Second in a series that I hope continues for a very long time

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    Probably classified as a 'cozy' mystery this story has depth in plot characters and writing that the cozies While it does have a theme dog lover that does not overwhelm the story nor is that fact pushed to the forefront with cute puns all through the book Not a heavy read but an enjoyable one I liked the characters the plot and the dogs

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    I’m glad I discovered these books They’re a delight to read and the series just keeps getting better In this case the underlying details of the main plot may be a little disturbing for sensitive animal lovers

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    First time reading this author and I want to read the series Appealing characters adorable dogs and a clever mystery make this a great read

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    Janet MacPhail is a photographer that sees much through the lens than just her subjects Trouble just seems to follow her On a simple trip to Twisted Lake to take some pictures of Labrador Retriever Drake she is very surprised when he fetches a blood soaked bag holding an exotic feather and a torn one hundred dollar bill instead of his usual decoy Then one of her photography students is found dead after calling Janet about seeing a strange bird at the lake Add to this a mysterious retreat center near the lake and Janet sure all these things are connected She and her Australian Shepherd Jay along with Tom and his Labrador Retriever Drake are on the case Hopefully they can figure everything out before the criminal flies the coopDollycas’s ThoughtsSheila Webster Boneham is uite a storyteller She plots a wonderful mystery fills it with fantastic characters – both 2 legged and 4 legged – adds a bunch of humor a touch of romance and she teaches us too In this story we learned about tropical birds and the lengths people with go to smuggle them into this country We also learn how well our dogs can be trained and how they will do anything for the human family membersI really like Janet She is talented and uses her photography to get close to the suspects It also puts her in some precarious places Her assignment at a local veterinary clinic ends up costing her dearly It also had me laughing out loud She also has a lot going on in her life besides the current mystery Her mother is in a nursing home suffering with Alzheimer’s and Janet seems to lose a bit of the most important woman in her life everyday Her neighbor is dealing with health issues too but is keeping everything a secret from Janet Tom may want out of their relationship than she is ready for but maybe it is time to move forward The author keeps all the characters believable and realThis is a very engaging story especially for animal lovers It can be read as a stand alone but I suggest reading Drop Dead on Recall first Both stories will leave you barking for

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    4 STARSThe Money Bird made me think I want a puppy Then looked around at my two sleeping dogs in my bed and thought again Their dogs are so well trained of course they go to train them once a week or so The animals are a big cute part of the book Janet MacPhail is a animal photographer She owns a Australian Shepherd named Jay and a orange tabby Leo She is dating Tom She is very caring and curious Janet's mom is in a nursing home and a lot of the time does not know who she is Or does and wants to go homeTom he owns Drake a Labrador Retriever Tom is a ethnobotanist He teaches at the college Just got back into town after a couple of months off researchingThe mystery starts off right away when at a dog training exercise at a small private lake with a island in the middle Drake instead of bringing back what he is supposed to brings back a bag with a torn 100 bill and a long feather inside with blood over the bag from the islandTheir are some funny scenes in this book Starting with the day after at the veterinary office where she is doing a day in life series It gets funny but not going to spoil your funI guessed just a little of the mystery but most of it was surprised at what and who was doing what So lots of twistsPeople who do not like animals probably won't enjoy this mystery because animals and birds are such a big part of the story I would love to see the art show with all the bird exhibits and wood panel they talk aboutI did not realize how big a problem animal smuggling is I have seen some beautiful birds and thought I would like it Then I realized how long some of them can live and what a mess they make So I will stick to my two dogs and cat I would like to train my animals I never thought to get a fan for dog in car My daughter's dog loves the car but I will only take him for rides when a lot cooler tempsI would read another mystery book by Sheila in the future especially would like to see Janet and Tom againI was given this ebook to read and agreed to write a honest review of it for the blog tour

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    Janet McPhail photographer and serious dog enthusiast is back along with her Australian shepherd Jay her ex flower child friend Goldie and hunky botanist and Labrador retriever owner Tom as well as the rest of the Fort Wayne dog sports communityJanet Tom and their dogs are out at a privately owned parkland popular for training and exercising retrievers when Tom's Lab Drake abruptly abandons the exercise leaps into the river and returns from a small island with a blood soaked canvass bag Inside the bag is a torn 100 bill and one red feather which certainly isn't from any local birdsThis is of course just the tip of the iceberg and a wild few days including a peculiar local cult exotic birds a child not a dog with an excellent set of teeth a high school crush of Janet's and Tom's potentially alarming announcement that he and Drake want to expand their familyThings start to get scary when a photography student of Janet's suddenly turns up dead shortly after leaving a message asking to meet to discuss something odd he's seen out at that same parkThis is a good solid mystery with adeuate clues as well as good red herrings and Janet and friends including the four legged ones are developing nicely as charactersRecommendedI received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley

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    Photographer Janet MacPhail is back for her second “Animals in Focus” mystery along with Jay her Australian Shepherd and Leo her cat It is actually Drake her boyfriend Tom’s black Labrador Retriever who sets this mystery in motion During hunting trails at Twisted Lake near Ft Wayne Indiana Tom hopes that Drake has retrieved the “money bird” the last “bird” the winning dog retrieves earning a cash prize but instead Drake finds a strange canvas bag with some exotic feathers and perhaps a hint of blood Janet gets a call from her photography student Anderson warning her about some strange goings on at Twisted Lake site of Treasures on Earth Spiritual Renewal Center but before Janet can find out Anderson is found murdered The mystery delves deeper with some rare exotic and maybe endangered birds involved—Tom’s ornithologist friend George is soon enlisted to help uncover something possibly illegal Once again another fun to read cozy that will especially appeal to folks who love dogs Some memorable moments that will make you laugh as well as memorable characters my favorite is Goldie Janet’s flower child relic next door neighbor Things also develop romantically with Janet and Tom and I hope things continue in the right direction with them for the next installment

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    Excellent I am so glad that I discovered Sheila Boneham's books a while back her writing is amazing I hate to call her books cozy because for many people that term means so much less than what this series brings The characters are well developed people with real emotions and problems even beyond the strong mysteriesIn the Money Bird Janet is photographing a retriever training session when Tom's dog makes a odd discovery Nothing too big but the hint of blood catches Janet's attention even though the others doubt that is blood but there are other contents that lead them to turn the bag over to the police When a drowned body turns up in the area turns her amateur investigator mode to full throttle She believes that there is a connection to a Spiritual Center on the next property and every where she turns members of that group show upI love her relationship with Tom and their connections to each other pets Her family and friends provide help and side bits that makes Janet feel complete And of course the animals are the stars at least for me Love them

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