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  • Wishing Wanting Achieving
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  • 05 October 2017
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Wishing Wanting Achieving

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An intention visualized it wrote it down worked toward it but never achieved it Each year for about 15 years I set the goal of achieving a certain weight Have you seen me lately So what is the issue that plagues so many people It is not usually a problem of not having the knowledge or the skill – if you only needed to find out how to do something to be successful most people would accomplish what they wantedDid you know that over 40% of the population is not motivated by goals Motivation – or rather lack of motivation – is the real problem It is not about whether a specific goal is motivating o

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R not If setting and working diligently to achieve specific measurable achievable realistic ecological goals makes you want to stick your finger down your throat you are not aloneThis mini book and audio program is designed to help you discover the difference between goals you set and those you achieve Each of us has our own success strategies Isn’t it time you found out yoursTo say thank you for buying this mini book I would like to give you a free download of the MP3 audio program Wishing Wanting and Achieving to listen whenever you want You can find the link to download it near the end of the boo

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Why reading this mini ebook just might make the difference in your lifeYou have probably read heard and seen lots of information about the benefits of setting goals Maybe you have even created a vision board and you have achieved goals you visualizedMost people do not set goals – and for a very good reasonMost goal setting processes do not work Years ago when I started teaching the NLP Outcome Strategy in companies people would come up to me months or years later and whisper in my ear “I tried that goal process It didn’t work I don’t know why”This got me to thinking How many times have I set

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Shelle Rose Charvet is a bestselling author and the international expert on Influencing Language Her first book “Words That Change Minds” is an international bestseller available in 15 languagesShelle has been researching and teaching for over 35 years and she is known for her advanced techniues used to enhance rapport trust credibility and influence Her methods enable people to prevent c