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Beyond Bruises

Summary Beyond Bruises

Abusein the form of domestic violence relational abuse or bullyingis a problem faced by many children

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And teens today Sherri Mabry Gordon looks at different kinds of abuse and what teens can do if they ar

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E being abused or know someone who is She also explores what communities can do to help end the violen

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    This book has interesting details and was easy to readI uestioned the veracity of some statistics but Gordon included a works cited list so I can research those I would have organized the information differently but with chapter titles and headings I followed the informationI was particularly interested in the Cut It Out program that trains hair stylists to recognize the signs of abuse I also had never considered that foster parents are needed so when children are removed from their home they don't have to switch schools That may be obvious but I had never thought about it When children are pulled from their homes and schools therefore friends they may regret speaking up because they feel punished I wish my local library had books in the In Focus Today series specifically ones about teenagers This book would be a good resource for personal information as well as school projects

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