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What happens when a chance encounter turns out to be anything butKara Wexler has only a few days to decide whether to accept the nomination of Chief Executive Officer and remain under her father’s hand Should she say enough is enough and resign from the family company completely Her siblings desperately want her to take the top job and use her innovative ideas to turn the company around But Kara is tired of fighting with her father at every t 325 Stars I was in a really great mood after watching the Women’s World Cup USA footy game so that could explain partly why I liked this book But I do have to be honest that I could easily see the issues that were pointed out in the early reviews Parts of this book really clicked for me others parts unfortunately just didn’t workI love fauxmances they are my favorite lesfic romances to read I feel authors have to work extra hard to make the romance believable since there is no love at first sight This fauxmance had an interesting twist where only one character didn’t realize the romance was real I like that Wright took a chance at something different but I do have to say that I don’t think it worked uite as well as the regular fauxmance theme While I liked the main characters together and felt a connection forming I didn’t get that intense chemistry I normally feel in fauxmances When it came to the setting of Vegas and Toronto and the inner workings of Kara’s company that is where I thought the book shined Even with Kara’s relationship with her father being dysfunctional her other familiar relationships were the best parts of the book I was wrapped up in the boardroom scenes the scenes with Kara’s siblings and even the contentious scenes with her father All the Wexler family scenes worked well and kept me turning the pages There were a few places sprinkled throughout that I had trouble with Wrights writing or choices There was a few times I was not sure who was speaking or whose POV I was in It was odd because the story was flowing well than something would happen to kick me out that groove and I had to backtrack since I was confused I’m not a speed reader but I like to go at good pace and anything that stops that flow can be jarring There were also a few choices that I didn’t understand For instance Wright skipped the first kiss It caught me so off guard that I was completely confused They kiss and then Wright is explaining that they had kissed already that night I still am unsure if that first kiss I saw was the second or third actual kiss It was just a really odd choice and again jolted me out of the flow of the story When it came to the actual romance I thought it was about average Missing the first kiss didn’t help me I did believe the connection but at the point I wanted the characters would separate for jobs or whatever and the romance seemed to just stop for that period I don’t really like romances when the characters are apart It wasn’t for too long in this book but it affected me enough that I started caring what was going on in Kara’s company than the actual romance And while I thought Wright could have really pumped the romance back up towards the end she did try there was not enough time left The ending was too uick and a major storyline was left open ended You have an idea what might happen but I’m not sure and to not see the ending play out was disappointing for me This one is a little tough for me Parts like Kara’s family and company where really fun to read I was completely hooked into certain storylines and was enjoying myself But the romance itself didn’t grab me like I was hoping for I would still recommend this book I was entertained but just be prepared for some bumps If you are new to Wright I would recommend her book Don't Let Go over this one The romance with Georgie and Tyler was really sweet An ARC was given to me for a honest review Rituals of Pleasure you are new to Wright I would recommend her book Don't Let Go over this one The romance with Georgie and Tyler was really sweet An ARC was given to me for a honest review

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UrnKara’s siblings aren’t willing to let the decision go to chance Worried that Kara no longer has the fight necessary to lead the company they concoct a scheme to get Kara back on track Surely deceiving Kara for the short term is worth the long term gainMadeleine Jessepp’s career has hit an all time low Her dream of becoming an actress isn’t going to happen and she doesn’t even have the money to return home to Minnesota At first she Cause and Affection is a nice very well researched but uneven story Uneven in the way that bothers me the most The first part was really good in pacing characters plot After that everything slowly went downhill pacing forced conflict characters started to act rather strange And at the end a personal pet peeve of mine a rushed ending Too bad for the missed opportunity after such a good start an interesting premise and charactersNonetheless the book is a pleasant read and not a bad way to spend a couple of hours so three stars for that3 starsJune 8 2019A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher

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Scoffs at the offer to play the “Love at First Sight Role” and spend a week as a fantasy date But after some convincing she agrees to do it After all she is an actressThrown together by Kara’s well intentioned siblings Madeleine and Kara both get than they bargained for What will happen when Kara discovers she’s been deceived by everyone especially by MadeleineGenre RomanceEditor Katherine V ForrestCover Designer Judith Fellows81000 wor A uniue spin on fauxmance Kara finds herself going to Vegas for the family company conference despite giving her resignation because she has had enough of her father's treatment and mismanagement of the business Her brothers and sisters have another plan in mind Hire a fantasy date to wine and dine Kara to set her up with the confidence to deliver a phenomenal pivot speech that will gain the support of the employees and give her the passion to stay onI liked the fresh take on a fake romance It's an interesting idea to have only one person know that things aren't real And to explore the ramifications of things developing beyond fiction But while the overall plot was intriguing the book suffered in spots There were several things that made it difficult for me to finish The use of 'honey' was overused At times there were full blocks pages of dialogue that felt unnatural The author would explain in detail things that just didn't matter in the grand scheme of things And that created significant pacing issues with the story Then toward the end there was some unnecessary drama that made Kara so insecure it seemed out of characterAfter completing the book I can look back and appreciate the overall plot and characters But it was tough getting thereYou may like this if you are interested in an unconventional fake romance Vegas Toronto advertising building restoration and Labrador Tea I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review

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