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Oks and she dates regularly but hasn't met someone who really intrigues her Someone professional ambitious confident caring Someone like her new boss Prajay Nayak Just as Meena's thoughts turn to romance Prajay makes an astonishing reuest He wants her to craft a personal ad that will help him find a suitable wife a statuesue sophisticated Indian American woman who will complem. “Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match” is not the song running thru Meena’s head when she runs into literally her boss She sprains her ankle gets carried by him to his office where she spends the rest of the day on his couch resting While she misses the whole thing he also carried her to his car and hauls her home A very compassionate employer What she didn’t miss is that he is 6’5” and she is five foot even if she stretches He is HUGE for an Indian man and a bit intimidating Meena PR person for Prajay Nayak’s firm and the newest employee soon falls – and hard – for him Her parents and aunts are trying weekly to set her up as she is past marrying age in their culture and is trying to be independent which is uite annoying to them Meena turns down everyone or after one date has found the man was not her type This was happening before she met Prajay and now is worse She tries she really tries but they aren’t himTo make matters worse Prajay is being harassed by his own family since he is nearly forty and single He has an idea that by hiring Meena to find him a potential wife; it will cut down the chaos of dating She agrees reluctantly and begins breaking her own heart with the task He wants a smart woman who is 6’ tall Amazing how many Indian women are out there who fit his reuirements Meena isn’t one of them And then her aunt Akka shows up on the doorstep Her brother falls in love – with a Muslim and chaos ensuesObsession with size misclues and failed dates populate this wonderful novel The author has written five other books which I am currently looking for because this was a nice book No cursing no hard drugs nor alcohol Just a fantastic story about a young Indian woman trying to find her way in a culture centuries old while not losing herself in the process Got get it NOW

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Ent his striking height Despite her attraction to Prajay and the complications of balancing work and her marriage consultant role Meena can't refuse the generous fee And as her family is thrown into turmoil by her brother's relationship with a Muslim woman Meena comes to surprising realizations about love tradition and the sacrifices she will and won't make for the sake of bot. Sweet clean romance with a look into American India culture Yes some of the observations and conversations may be shocking by American standards but keep in mind this is a different culture Characters are likable It reads like a Bollywood movie Fun read and the food descriptions make me want to visit my favorite Indian restaurant

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In her thought provoking uplifting new novel Shobhan Bantwal vividly blends the nuances of contemporary Indian American culture with an unconventional romance At thirty one Meena Shenoy has a fulfilling career at a New Jersey high tech firm Not that it impresses her mother and aunts who make dire predictions about her ticking biological clock Men are drawn to Meena's dainty lo. The main conflict in this book was that the heroine was barely five feet tall and the hero was six feet five inches tall The hero is 'nobly' staying away from the heroine because he feels that his gargantuan body will crush her fragile and delicate beautyThis ofcourse doesn't stop him from being a sadistic I refuse to accept that he's clueless twerp who then proceeds to ask the heroine who for the record is wearing her heart on her sleeve like nobody's business to find a six feet tall prospective bride for himOh and he sneaks in a snog with his reluctant matchmaker while he's at itAnd then gives her a Dear John version of a shove offOh yes he didAnd why after all these mindless shenanigans does the supposedly razor sharp heroine proceed to peg him as a kind loving and humourous man is COMPLETELY beyond me What exactly did he do to deserve those attributes Dear I claim to be non mercernary but judge the hero by the car he drives Meena and God forgive me but I will send a rogue bludgeon your way Prajayyou really want to know what a great love story between a midget and a giant should be likePlease look up Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen Look at themAnd alsoAND the love story of Daeneryes and Drogo was a rich vibrant tapestry that weaved in fear belligerence sexual attraction mutual respect courage and the slaying of a particularly vile and creepy brother in lawTHAT's a love story of epic proportionsNot this

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