The Presidency Night The Backbenchers #4 Characters ¼ 106

The Presidency Night The Backbenchers #4

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High school young adult seri This is final part of backbenchers series although author may name it anything I don't understand why backbenchers only but in the last part it's about the school farewell night but some insignificant event happened which change the life of the organiser and this part have many ups and down moment Radhica sister favour her Naman parents have families loose up because of past mistakes Ananya parent were disappointed Yuvraj parents take it lightly not to pressurize him but without Shreya this novel wasn't come to an end if she didn't know about the Aviral and Mrsharma don't recognize him then things would have been worse but they survive the day and Vicky Natasha hooked up in relationship if another part of it came out i would like to know how Vicky handle Natasha as in this part Natasha is just like a guest appearance of the character But in the end all well the end well

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The Backbenchers are back In I have all the 4 series but this book is no where near the first 3 I expected drama romance but I definitely feel it does't have the punch but an average read few corrections like radhica was written as radhika and on page 61 natasha is not even in scene but her name is mentioned

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This fourth instalment of the Its my new record I read it in one day

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