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  • Learning to Love a Rogue
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  • 19 August 2017
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Learning to Love a Rogue

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“Open your eyes birdie The lion wants to play” Fear is all Sarah Rosenwal has ever known and Maximus Castlemaine is everything she fears Scars from her past have yet to fade when mist of dark lies and darker deception begin to gather around Sarah’s one chance to a new life And the only path that leads out is through the arms of a R

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Ogue But where her mind tells her he is far dangerous a bet her heart whispers another Maximus has put countless hearts to fear but the sight of it in a pair of green eyes pure as virgin jades changes something vital in him He yearns to be the one to chase her fears away Burns to see her melt at his fevered touch his heated kisses But for

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His every step forward she takes two back As secrets and betrayals rage Maximus is done waiting for the dice of fate to roll in his favour He would carve a path through hell to her but Sarah will be his Passion and innocence melded against each other are drawn to the brinkAnd the price of what you wish is often the same as what you want

About the Author: Sierra Jaid

Author Sierra Jaid loves to tell stories that have power to wrench the heart of its readers Romance that is potent as the torrent sea and gentle as a drifting plumeHer characters come alive with every word to make you laugh and cry along Love desire and passion are the essence of her writing The simplest things in her life can make her happy – rain flowers crisp pages of a new book her fav