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The Botanical Palette Color for the Botanical Painter

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From the creators of The Art of Botanical Painting here is the essential guide to achieving perfect color in your paintingsThe Botanical Palette published in association with the Society of Botanical Artists is the first instructional guide to focus entirely on the art of color in botanical painting Each chapter in the book looks at a specific color providing expert advice on how to achieve the right color in both painting and colored pencil w.

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Ork The detailed step by step demonstrations reveal exactly how each flower painting is built up from the initial stages to the finished illustrationThe Botanical Palette also includes special project features in several of the demonstrations Each project offers a simplified drawing of the finished work that students can trace and use as the basis for their own painting By using this basic model they will be able to focus closely on achieving.

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Accurate color portrayalIn addition to beautiful botanical paintings throughout a superb gallery of paintings by members of the Society completes the book and provides additional inspiration Featured artists include Valerie Baines Susan Christopher Coulson Brigette Daniel Paul Fennell Susan Hillier Jennifer Jenkins Barbara McGirr Vicky Mappin Susan Martin Kay Rees Davies Margaret Stevens Ann Swan Sandra Wall Armitage Brenda Watts and Janet Woo.

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