review Å Greek Mythology The Creation of the Gods The Gods The Heroes The Trojan War The Odyssey

Greek Mythology The Creation of the Gods The Gods The Heroes The Trojan War The Odyssey

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Siderable scope written in a simple and expressive style it is accompanied by 180 photographs and excepts fr. This book had a fas

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Issued also in year 2006This special edition has been designed to present the main Greek myths A work of con. I bought my copy of

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Om ancient Greek literature Covers the Creation of the Gods The Gods The Heroes The Trojan War and The Odyss. Full of facts and a

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    I bought this book recently because I'm interested in mythology in general; my main interest however is Norse mythology I decided that I wanted to know about Greek myths as I know only a few rudimentary ones the Trojan horse and Jason and the Argonauts are two examples This book is a good primer for those who are just starting out on the Greek mythology path It explains everything in brief succinct sections which give the reader a good taster of the myths; it also leaves it open to further exploration in further books The photos are really nice additions to the texts and I found I enjoyed it greatly Great intro to Greek myths for me

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    I had to stop since I was getting very bored

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    I bought my copy of this book in Greece uite a few years ago as I wanted a decent souvenir from the country as well as some fridge magnets Due to the fact that it actually came from Greece there seem to be a couple of translation difficulties in places ie the word threatening is spelt as threating and the word drawing is spelt drowingOnce you get past this though I found this to be a nice and fairly simple reference book The sort of thing I'd let my children use when they're older and possibly studying the subject at school for example All the major Greek 'players' are mentioned as well as some of the minor ones My only slight constructive criticism is that I felt like the Odyssey got a few pages than perhaps it needed whereas I would have liked a bit detail on some of the stories about other GodsGoddesses There are lots of pictures about real life artefactsart etc depicting Greek mythology 180 according to the cover so it's always interesting to see how other people interpreted these stories Overall a nice reference book if you're looking for a general overview on the subject

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    This book had a fascinating first two pages and a fascinating last two pages In these two parts there was some interesting commentary about the nature of what is often called mythology Really that includes a mix of ancient religion and lore combined into to stories that we call mythology Sadly relatively little narrative is included here as the bulk of the book is a barrage of details and side notes Since I already knew a bit of about some of the myths it was interesting But the writing style was very typical of southern europe ie dry boring and fastidiously detailed without any narrative and the writing was poorly edited both for mistakes and for lack of English syntax and flow I gave it three stars because parts of it were fascinating not than three stars because those interesting aspects due to poor writing and style make up only perhaps 12 or less of the content of the book

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    A perfect primer for anyone generally interested in Greek mythology Not very detailed so not recommended for academia but I read this book when I was 8 or 9 and I was really engaged with it Note that the English translation is serviceable but somewhat stilted

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    A fantastic reference collection of Greek mythology from its Gods and Goddesses to the myths themselves with superb photographs and illustrations to accompany each entry

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    A great reference book on Greek Myrhology

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    i like this book but then i love greek mythology it's fascinating tells us all about the gods and goddesses that people worshipworshiped i would totally go for Hades or Apollo

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    Full of facts and amazing colour images even if you aren't studying or planning to study Greek Mythology have a uick flick through this book and you're bound to find something interesting

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    very easy to read i enjoyed it as im interested in the mythology of the world