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Public Attraction Public Attraction Trilogy #1 3

review Public Attraction Public Attraction Trilogy #1 3

Emma Turrell is just a small town girl with a loser boyfriendThat all changes when she meets one of the world's biggest movie starsBut their r. I have read the trilogy and was enchanted and I needed to find out what was going to happen to Emma Paul I did like the story however Emma drove me nuts The last book she finally started getting a clue I enjoyed the last part the best she finally let go and Paul was just being himself I would like to read about what is going on with Jessie I liked her

review Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ô Sophia Moore

Elationship isn't easy Paul Thatcher will challenge everything about the way she sees the world love and sexDesire can't wait for privacy Neit. I received this book free from Librarything and was asked to review it I thought it was well written with believable characters and storyline There were some good sex scenes that were nicely written wihtout being vulgarEmma the main character seemed to be a little boring at the beginning as she was a small town girl who waitresses and doesn't have any plans to change her life However on meeting Paul a movie star who instantly falls for her she starts a romance with him He's a messed up guy and I can't say I liked the idea of him using her as he did but that's just my opinionIt was an enjoyable book uick reading but kept me interested to the end

Sophia Moore Ô 5 Read

Her should youThis book is intended for mature audiences only due to intense sexual scenes and graphic descriptions Themes are for adults only. I loved this book It really hits all your emotions when reading about all the characters so much that I need