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Inheritance Cycle

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online Pages 31 Chapters Inheritance Trilogy characters Eragon Brisingr Eldest Dragon Rider Christopher Paolini True name Eldunari Helzvog Excerpt Eragon is the main protagonist of the Inheritance Cycle written by Christopher Paolini Eragon is a male the first in a new generation of Dragon Riders He was trained by Brom an old story teller from his village and Oromis and was chosen by Saphira a blue dragon to be her Rider Eragon grew up as an orphan without any real knowledge of his parentage except his mother's name Se

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Lena but later discovered while on a hunting trip into the Spine mountains a large blue stone The stone later hatches back at his farm into a small blue dragon He later names the dragon Saphira The dreaded Ra'zac who have been tracking the dragon egg turn up at Eragon's farm kill his uncle and force Eragon on a journey of adventure friendship betrayal and death For his first 15 years Eragon lived on a farm in the small village of Carvahall His mother Selena vanished soon after he was born leaving him in the care of her brother Garrow and Garrow's wife Marian Marian died a few years after Selena's departure Eragon lived with Garrow and R

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Oran Garrow's son All this time Eragon was ignorant regarding the identity of his father Due to the independent nature of his uncle the three of them live away from most of the villagers Eragon along with his uncle and cousin survived on farming and hunting Eragon was a brave and skilled hunter he is one of the few who dared hunt in the Spine a large range of untamed mountains Though the family was poor Garrow instilled in Roran and Eragon principles of honesty and sincerity and taught them to live honorably Although young he has an adult mind due to having to grow up on his own Eragon is surprised to see a polished blue stone materiali

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