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  • Paperback
  • 270
  • Ammons Horn
  • Stan Timmons
  • English
  • 18 May 2018
  • 9781618680969

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    Ammon's Horn is a thrilling and mysterious journey through a crumbling America with an awesome plot and great three dimensional characters Poetically written with a welcoming dash of satire the prose is noteworthy and the witty narrative is reminiscent of Max BrooksStan Timmons plays with a lot of themes and undertones in this novel At various points in the book I couldn't help but close the book momentarily and think about our society Ammon's Horn is a thinking man's book that resonates Stan Timmons has a dismal but realistic view of society and he really has a lot to say about the world with this novelThe characters of Danny and Gemma are fresh and personable unlike the usual molds you see in novels like this I felt strongly for both characters although I wished the secondary characters were fleshed out a little but that's just a minor issueMaybe I'm drawing too much from the book but I can't help it there's so much to talk about From the get go I wanted to be very critical with this book trying my best to fish out some faults but there really wasn't much to point out Once the story picks up the pace it really gets out of control and I mean that in a good way The ending of this book is one of the best endings I've ever read it's a real jaw dropperI'm re reading the book now and I got to say that this book has excellent re read value; there is a lot happening and on the second read you realize that there are many layers to this story making it well worth the price of admissionHonestly one of the best Permuted Press I've read and I've read a good number of themExcellently written great characters and a perfect blend of horror thriller and satire this story is worth every penny and then some I cannot recommend it highly enough

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    Ammon’s Horn sounds like some kind of a mythological creation and while it a term derived from Egyptian mythology it refers to part of the hippocampus for the purposes of this tale It is an area of the brain that is impacted as someone is affected by the ‘noids or a form of extreme paranoia The story introduces us to Danny a police profiler in Chicago and Gemma his star reporter fiancé as they start suspecting all is not well in the world Multiple reports start filing in of otherwise normal people committing sudden brutal acts of violence and then remembering little to none of them often shortly before they commit suicide Digging deeper leads to a suspicion that these events aren’t just happenstance a full moon or temporary madness but something that is getting worse and spreading across the country creeping from the east coast west toward California where the President has retreated When Gemma reports on it plenty of people deny its reality thinking it groupthink paranoia rather than some sort of brain ailment having an external cause She dubs the term ‘noids after a taxi driver gripped by madness almost runs over a pregnant woman and said he did it because he was all ‘noided out The story follows the initial run ins with the ‘noids that Danny and Gemma suffer through before they travel west at the urging of a mysterious government agent who knows a great deal about what is really happening and what dark secrets are behind this strange plague that has gripped the population Ammon’s Horn takes a very different slant on the end of the world apocalyptic scenario with its monsters and anyone around them not really knowing what they are; if they are infected or knowing if or when they might snap Someone infected with the ‘noids can wreak tremendous havoc and then not remember what happened leading to even mayhem when it grips them again This story has the flavor of a Stephen King thriller with deeply drawn main characters that come to life on the page in vivid detail The acts of violence are brutal and sudden perpetrated by people who are to a great extent innocent as the brain inside their heads begin to deteriorate and play vile tricks on them Danny and Gemma are interesting well thought out characters with Danny’s own paranoia at what is happening all around him keeping him guessing as to his own state of mind throughout the story This was a well written intriguing tale with some very compelling twists and turns including a jaw dropping ending that forced me to re read it than once to make sure I understood what had just happened There are hints and clues throughout that will likely lead to a variant of reader’s paranoia about what is truly happening and who is to blame for the sickness that seems to have gripped everyone in its path

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Ammons Horn

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Terrorists have unleashed the rapidly spreading virus dubbed the ’noids Those infected become organic WMDs Fused with the common cold the virus spreads turning the country into a nation of violent lunatics Civilization collapses from withinGemma Goode host of a wildly popular syndicated show.

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About the unusual and the paranormal along with her fiancé police profiler Danny Sullivan know about the virus having uncovered it through a series of chance encounters and investigative workDanny and Gemma flee westward ahead of the collapse narrowly escaping death along the way only to fin.

Summary Ammons Horn

D borders to California are closed the state maintaining its isolationism by military force Danny begins to obsess that the President who has been evacuated to California is infected with the virusDanny will do anything including assassination to stop the President from launching a nuclear war.