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    Hulk Smash The Musical Suggested titles for musical numbersSuper Soldier Serum SerenadeGamma Irradiated BluesBlame it on Daddy Duet between Bruce and Betty Take that Ang LeePurple Pants PolkaStrongest One There IsLost Teen BrigadeGonna Pound You into a Puddle of JellyHulk Buster Bossa NovaThe Man Inside Me Hulk Featuring the HulkettesThe Monster Inside Me Bruce Feature the HulkettesBanner Puny BannerLittle Men With Guns Hurt Hulk Upbeat dance numberPuppies Kitties and Bunnehs These Things Hulk Likes BestLeave Hulk Alone – Hulk sheds a gamma irradiated tear at the end of this curtain closerWhen Bruce transforms into the Hulk it will be done as an interpretive dance using big long purple ribbonsAnd for the trolls who think my reviews are schizo not that I’m denying it here’s a real reviewThis is prehistoric Hulk written by Stan Lee The Hulk character was a tough one to draw a bead on and make compelling and most importantly marketable which is why the number of different versions of the Hulk in this volume alone will make your head spin From brute to toddler brain to communicative lummox – does he sound like he grew up in Brooklyn or Iowa is he gray or green? The only thing consistent is his pants – always purple He even sports a pair of ugly assed shorts for awhile It’s no surprise that the original Hulk run lasted only six issuesA workable concept that Marvel hit upon was have Hulk interact with other heroes in the Marvel universe – Spider Man Ben Grimm Hercules Daredevil These crossover issues are some of the few that jump out from this collection There’s a two part issue sadly not included here that saw the combined might of the Fantastic Four and The Avengers try to take the renegade Hulk down I believe it was the first battle between The Thing and the Hulk It’s worth looking forI understand that putting these compilations together in black and white makes them affordable but I still dislike them The crossover from color to newspaper strip look rarely works and just makes the art work flat and unreadableFor Hulk archivists and completists only

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    The earlier comics were great but when it got to the Tales to Astonish series it wasn't uite as enjoyable Then again I'm not a comic connoisseur so what do I know?EDIT My opinion improved the second time around; the later comics were just as good as the early ones

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    Mild mannered nuclear scientist Bruce Banner worked in America’s weapons program and developed their latest improvement on the atomic bomb the gamma bomb As it was about to be tested Dr Banner spotted a teenager named Rick Jones who’d wandered into the blast zone on a dare Banner saved Rick from the bomb but was directly exposed to a massive dose of gamma rays That evening as the sun set Dr Banner transformed into the rampaging monster soon to be known as–the HulkCreated in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby old Jade Jaws had a short run in The Incredible Hulk only lasting six issues Sales were not good but the character was too awesome not to use so he was in the first few issues of The Avengers and was later brought back for solo stories in Tales to Astonish first sharing that book with Giant Man and then with Namor the Sub Mariner This omnibus volume collects the Hulk issues and TtA #59 91In the first issue we are introduced to Bruce Banner a mild mannered scientist who abhors physical violence yet has no ethical ualms with creating enormously destructive weapons for the American military Communism was an existential threat to all that was good and American He’s developed the most powerful nuclear weapon yet the gamma bomb and it’s about to be tested at an Army base somewhere in the American SouthwestHe clashes with the military officer in charge of the base and weapons testing program General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross General Ross is a blustering bully who despises Dr Banner for being a physical weakling but is covetous of the neat weapons the scientist has produced He drags along his daughter Betty who naturally has the hots for Bruce and vice versa In this first installment Betty is very much the damsel in distress type whose positive ualities are beauty and compassionAnd then there’s Dr Banner’s colleague Igor Igor is worried that some important details of the gamma bomb’s construction have never been shared with the rest of the research team If anything were tohappento Bruce how would they carry on? Dr Banner assures Igor that the plans are safely tucked away in his uartersAs everyone hunkers down for the bomb test Dr Banner suddenly sees a young man in a jalopy who has somehow gotten past the security perimeter and into the blast zone Bruce tells Igor to stop the countdown while he removes the teenager personally not trusting the military police not to just shoot the kid Igor decides not to stop the countdown in the hope that Dr Banner will dieBruce manages to reach the boy Rick Jones in time to throw the lad into a protective trench but is himself directly in the path of a massive dose of gamma rays He’s surprised to wake up a few hours later not only not dead but not dying or even sick from radiation poisoning Rick an orphan expresses his gratitude to the scientist But all is not ending happily as the sun sets and Dr Bruce Banner transforms into a monsterThe monster rampages across Gamma Base and is swiftly nicknamed “the Hulk” by the hapless soldiers it encounters Rick Jones attempts to reason with the Hulk or at least mitigate the damage it’s causing General Ross develops a personal enmity towards the Hulk that will drive his characterization for decades Near dawn the Hulk realizes it needs to get to Dr Banner’s cabin arriving just in time to find Igor ransacking the place to find the gamma bomb formulaIgor is knocked out and the sun rises turning the Hulk into Bruce Banner Now the soldiers arrive and arrest Igor as they found out off panel that he was a Communist spy Rick Jones points out that the Hulk looks nothing like Bruce and the soldiers don’t press the matter Betty shows up to be nice to Bruce but is pushed out the door so that Dr Banner can rest Bruce moodily reflects that he doesn’t know it’s over Nightfall may again bring forth–the HulkThat was an awesome first issue–wait there’s ? Turns out that the imprisoned Igor has a secret communicator hidden in his thumbnail and alerts his Soviet masters to the existence of the Hulk This message comes to the attention of the Gargoyle a hideously deformed Communist scientistThe brilliant mind of the Gargoyle puts together a plan to capture the Hulk which works The monster and Rick Jones are then rocketed back to the Gargoyle’s lair behind the Iron Curtain Except that by the time they land the sun has come up and Dr Banner returnedThe Gargoyle who is very smart figures out the truth and has a bit of a breakdown Why would Dr Banner do that to himself? Why would anyone want to turn into a twisted monster? A hideously deformed thing like the Gargoyle? Bruce explains that it was an accident but importantly he knows how to cure the Gargoyle It seems that the Gargoyle was once relatively normal but working on the inferior Communist atomic bombs exposed him to deforming radiation Bruce can’t fix himself but he can fix thisSure enough Dr Banner is able to rig a device that erases the Gargoyle’s deformities at the cost of his genius The former Gargoyle rails against a picture of Nikita Khrushchev rockets Bruce and Rick back to America and blows up his lair with all the evil Communists still in it Now that’s an endingIn this first issue the Hulk was supposed to have gray skin but the printing process of the time couldn’t uite make that shade of gray work so his skin tone was all over the place including a panel where it’s outright green Stan Lee liked that color best so it stayed green from then onStan kept tinkering with the concept in these first six issues How smart is the Hulk? What triggers the transformation? What’s the relationship between the Hulk and Rick Jones? Is the Hulk just Dr Banner with his rage issues on the outside or a completely separate personality? It all changed issue to issue One important plot thread that did start here is suspicion that Dr Banner is a traitor to the United States as he keeps disappearing at odd moments and turning up behind the Iron CurtainTales to Astonish #59 picks up after the Hulk’s brief time with the Avengers as Hank Pym aka Giant Man decides to go in search of the green giant This is a showcase issue for both characters as they’re tricked into battle by the Human Top later known as the Whirlwind a mutant with the power of super spinning It’s established here that the Human Top is so nondescript out of costume that even people who have seen him unmasked before don’t recognize him This became a long running plot point#60 starts the new solo series for the Hulk It’s now settled that the trigger for Bruce Banner to transform is over excitement–any stressful or anger inducing situation may cause him to Hulk out Also the Hulk is now not very bright and believes Banner to be a separate person The latest thing Dr Banner is working on for the military is a robotic war suit really in Tony Stark’s line which is promptly stolen by a spy The Hulk fights it in a two parter#61 introduces Major Glenn Talbot the new head of security for Gamma Base He uickly develops the hots for Betty Ross which her father encourages and a deep suspicion of Bruce Banner#62 has the first glimpse of the Hulk’s first truly iconic enemy the Leader At this point he’s a mysterious figure who sends the Chameleon to infiltrate Gamma Base and find out what happened to the spy who was supposed to steal the robot war suit The Chameleon never does complete that mission but is otherwise a huge hassle#63 reveals the origin of the Leader He used to be an ordinary laborer disposing of chemical waste when exposed to gamma radiation The rays turned him green and gave him super intelligence Unlike the Gargoyle the Leader likes his new look and wants to recruit the Hulk the only other gamma being on Earth at that time to work for him The Leader is working for the Communists so he can have resources to build his army of humanoids but plans to betray them when convenientThe Leader plotline ends in #74 when he is undone by his own uest for ultimate knowledge and #75 sends the Hulk to the future for a few issues While the Hulk’s away and presumed dead Rick Jones finally reveals that Bruce Banner and the Hulk are the same personIn #81 the Secret Empire storyline begins with a mysterious group planning to take over the world and wanting to use the Hulk as a weapon They enlist former star baseball pitcher Boomerang suspended from the league for “accidentally” killing a hitter with a baseball as their agent Infighting collapses the Empire before they get much of anywhere they’d return view spoilerwith Richard Nixon as their leader hide spoiler

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    Like all of the essential collections that cover the first decade or so of Marvel comics I thoroughly enjoyed not so much because it was a good read but because it was good history It was very interesting seeing how the Hulk evolved through this volume how his intelligence slowly dropped over time how the mechanics of howwhenwhy he changes from and into Bruce Banner changed and evolved It was incredibly interesting to see how in the first few issues he was banner at day and Hulk at night it seemed to have very clearly stat as a modern retelling of Dr Jeckal and Mr Hyde I also enjoyed seeing the early incarnations of The Leader and The Abomination bith characters I knew of but had never really read in comics

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    The Marvel Essential collections are really good for people who want to read original comic issues in bulk They're cheap easy to find and easy to read This one I found especially good It contains the first twenty or so issues of the original Incredible Hulk series which contains the origin of the Hulk and his early adventures Highly recommended for anyone interested in how the Hulk series first began

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    Ok so it's not Shakespeare But for on the nightstand end of the day relaxing reading that brings back the nostalgic carefree days of boyhood this is perfect

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    The plots of these early Hulk comics can be a little dull but there are always great comedy moments that make up for this

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    I have been dipping in and out of this for a while I read loads of early hulk in UK reprints growing up but at least 50% of this was new to me I loved seeing the evolution of the character they clearly did not have a well defined idea of 'Hulk' at the start and I had forgotten how much I liked Steve Ditko's Hulk Artwork Huge variety of art styles throughout Excellent

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    Neat stuff It's pretty interesting to see how the Hulk kept evolving And not by accident it seemed like part of the problem for Banner was that he couldn't rely on the conditions that made him turn into the Hulk to stay the same for very long and once he became the Hulk his intelligence level changed a lot tooAnyway yet 1960s classics from LeeKirbyetc

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    This is a compilation of some of the first Incredible Hulk issues It was really fun to read and see the mind set of people at that time and what their view of power was While Frankenstein deals with a creation made in the electrical revolution The Hulk is a story of a creation made during the Atomic revolution People put their trust in the military and in nuclear power Very interesting

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The Essential Incredible Hulk Vol 1

Stan Lee ✓ 9 Review

Transformed during times of stress into the dark personification of his repressed rage and fury the Incredible Hulk the. Ok so it's not Shakespeare But for on the nightstand end of the day relaxing reading that brings back the nostalgic carefree days of boyhood this is perfect

Summary ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Stan Lee

Caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion victim of gamma radiation gone wild Dr Robert Bruce Banner now finds himself. The earlier comics were great but when it got to the Tales to Astonish series it wasn't uite as enjoyable Then again I'm not a comic connoisseur so what do I knowEDIT My opinion improved the second time around; the later comics were just as good as the early ones

Summary The Essential Incredible Hulk Vol 1

Most powerful manlike creature ever to walk the face of the earth COLLECTING HULK 1962 1 6; TALES TO ASTONISH 1959 60 91. Neat stuff It's pretty interesting to see how the Hulk kept evolving And not by accident it seemed like part of the problem for Banner was that he couldn't rely on the conditions that made him turn into the Hulk to stay the same for very long and once he became the Hulk his intelligence level changed a lot tooAnyway yet 1960s classics from LeeKirbyetc

About the Author: Stan Lee

Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber was an American writer editor creator of comic book superheroes and the former president and chairman of Marvel ComicsWith several artist co creators most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko he co created Spider Man the Fantastic Four the X Men Iron Man the Hulk Daredevil the Silver Surfer Dr Strange and many other characters introducing complex