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The Stamp Collector

Summary The Stamp Collector

'Forged and Faked Stamps'; 'Sir Rowland Hill and Other Pioneers'; 'The Line Engraved Stamps of Great Britain'; and many This book has been elected or modern republication due to its educational value and is proudly republished here complete with a new introduction to the subjec.

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An unknown hobby but a few generations ago stamp collecting is now arguably one of the world's most popular avocations This fascinating text endeavours to state the merits of stamp collecting as well as to impart the enthusiasm felt by the author for this pastime onto the reader.

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In the hopes that they might be inspired to embrace philately as a hobby Chapters contained within this antiue text include 'On Collecting Postage Stamps'; 'Planning and Arranging the Collection'; 'Specialised Collections'; 'Technical Matters'; 'Stamps Desirable and Otherwise';.