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Cult of the Hexad Afterlife Saga #6

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Inst evil continues in the most unlikely of places and emotions run wild in this next instalment of the Afterlife saga Will you take the plunge with our characters and delve deeper into the world of Afterlife further than you've ever gone before Amazing author a great mind for story telling I started reading the Afterlife series during a dark part of my life fighting breast cancer When searching for a good book I almost past this series over Now over a year later I'm so happy I started the first book This is a series like no other I've read and reviewed lots of books which I've enjoyed but this one keeps you intrigued and emotionally bound This series gave me a place to go when fighting the fight The author Stephanie Hudson writes with amazing emotion feeling You will laughcry and feel disappointed and angry The characters you can relate to Strong dominating males that aren't afraid to love Sexy with an awesome storyline If you like the paranormal world this series comes highly recommended This isn't a teen series and I recommend for adult readers over 18

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Lost foreverA worldwide search might be on the cards but what if the girl they're looking for was never meant to be foundThese are the uestions both sides face in a race against time truth and the life they are all trying to save The battle aga ExcellentI absolutely loved everything about this book It’s like just a little dip into a different story Can’t wait for Off to start the next book in the series just wish they had an audiobook attached to it through

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Time Truth Life‘There is weakness in all when lies are told but the strength in each is what we must behold’Can our Chosen One find her way back from the deception and chaos that surrounds her or is this the life of a trapped girl broken and Once again I loved this book and can't wait for the next I got to see another side of Draven that I haven't seen in any of the other books and although I was a bit confused of the whole 'Katie is actually Keira' concept I was still loving every moment of this journey However what I did not like about this book particularly is that now it seems everyone will soon have an electus and that Vincent was willing to just throw KatieKeira into danger to save his own chosen one who btw he has never met before I liked how in the other books every man she meets sorta falls in love with her and Vincent was one of those men he loved Keira but I guess not very much due to his actions I forgive him though my loves in this book is Draven and Lucius ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Going back to what I was saying of how people now get to have their own electus kinda spoils the whole story of how Keira is the ONLY Chosen One that's what made her so incredibly special in the first place And what I can't fathom from this idea is Lucius having his own electus to me I love lucius as eually as I love Draven and Luc loves Keira also he has said so himself and keira loves him she's shown that love in previous books and after his death in the pentagram child part 1 we could see how much he meant to her I think what would make the upcoming Books enjoyable is having Keira become Lucius' Electus also she already is the love of the two most powerful beings in the supernatural world and there is so much history between them and the way they act together is soooo sweet and hilarious I wouldn't want that to end if luc ever gets his own electus Anyways this is just my opinion and probably of many other people also Just putting my thoughts and wishes out there

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