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MAGIC IS THE ONLY WEAPON AGAINST THE GODS A plague rages in the streets of Perizzi City guards rally to deal with riots while the young magicians of the Tower. Well the final boo

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Pool their healing powers to find a cureElsewhere new alliances are formed to stem the rising darkness strengthening a deity who feeds on pestilence and decay. A good ending to t

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Gods Sorcerers and Battlemages must set aside the past and their vendettas to work together or risk unleashing greater suffering than they can possibly imagine. Excellent last par

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  • Magebane
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  • 15 September 2018
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About the Author: Stephen Aryan

I’m a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction It started with The Hobbit The Belgariad the Earthsea books the Shannara books DragonLance and then David Gemmell who was a huge influence on my writingMy novels include Age of Darkness first trilogy Battlemage Bloodmage ChaosmageAge of Dread second trilogy Mageborn Magefall MagebaneA preuel novella to everything Of Gods and Men w

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    Rating 445Review This was a really good end to a series that started in lackluster fashion and ended with a bangThe characters continued to evolve along with the story line in good ways and bad When you have immortal beings it can be hard to develop the character yet the author was able to move their perspectives by exerting external pressures Very well done Munroe and Wren fail to reach potential as one is mired in revenge and the other just gets speshul if that is possibleThere are uite a few holes in the story line which leads me to believe that this is not the end of this world If Garvey and Balfruss are “Becoming” then I assume that their ascension to godhood is imminent Plus Garvey is a certain replacement for Kai since vacating his seat There is still the issue of those hidden in the veil and now with Kai and Akosh among them the story line gets a ripe infusion of evilA dam good read

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    Well the final book that completes an outstanding trilogy This is of course the second trilogy to feature these characters and all six books have been brilliant start with book one and don’t leave too much of a gap between books as there is a lot going on and you need to keep on top of itIn summary this is where the Gods the mages and the humans have to work together sort of Magic is still blamed for the state of the world and can the mages prove they can be a force for good or are they too late for a world sleepwalking into a greater evil?Very hard to sum up the moving parts of which there are many A perfect blend of thoughtful world building with a strong set of characters You will care as much about the woman trying to manage a plague as you will a sorcerer out for revenge at all costOutstanding fantasy

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    Stephen Aryan is honestly one of my favorite fantasy authors and he didn't disappoint with Magebane He's written an amazing conclusion to another very well written trilogy There's a huge cast of characters but they're all so diverse and different that they're easy to keep track of I loved the pace of the final book in the trilogy where I've complained a bit of the pace in the two previous books the pace was right on point in this book It took time to build up the tension and the plot but there was also plenty of different things happening while we waited for the big conclusion I'm so happy with the ending of this wonderful trilogy and I can't wait to see what Aryan will write next

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    A good ending to the trilogy The action is excellent the tension is kept throughout the story and the characterization is pretty well done I have become a fan of Stephen Aryan and will eagerly wait for his next publication All of his books follow the traditional fantasy formula in the manner of John Gwynne but is immensely readable because Aryan mixes the elements of sword and sorcery with the epic in a very enthusiastic manner Aryan's world is populated by gods mortals sorcerers drawing inspiration from different mythologies that lends depth and complexity to the themes of power faith survival change that is being tackled in the novel I loved reading this book The writing is smooth and the pacing is brilliantly suited to the grim and hopeful mood in the story It starts right after Magefall and it successfully keeps the suspense lingering I liked the aspect of the plague which is reminiscent of the Black Death in London in 1348 Stephen Aryan captures the horror and death of the plague in a very vivid manner The most notable aspect in this novel however is the prime antagonist Kai a malevolent god and the rise of the Weaver I however believe that the character of Munroe could've been better but anyways her character suited the circumstances of the story Her interaction with the teenage orphan girl Dox is touching who keeps Munroe's volatile anger focused and grounded Wren Tianne and their group they all felt like familiar friends to me and I could relate to their conflicted emotions regarding their place in the society trying to live a normal life while at the ame time trying to bear the responsibility of magic which is considered to be a curse by the masses It was well executed The ending was a little anticlimactic for me Aryan used a deus ex machina kinda thing rather than allow the characters to fully battle for their fates And the ending also raised a few uestions I'll let that pass for now but I still hope that Aryan would publish novels in this varied fantasy world There are still a lot aspects to be explored along with some of the characters who are growing into their respective potential Nonetheless Aryan managed to tell a entertaining story with its own uirks and twists that packs an explosive punch Despite all this I'm going to complain the lack of a map which I very much wanted as I'm not good at navigating without directions

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    the first half of the book was really good The ending last uarter was unbearable drivel and i just wanted it to end spoilers ahead The last boss fight with Kai was pointless I swear all he did was sit there and let them kill him? there was no danger to the fight and it was so disappointing What was the point of building this character up for it to just fizzle out and die Also the repetition in the book just made it plainly obvious that the writer was running out of ideas and needed to prolong the book somehow Most of the best characters like Balfruss Garvey and Kai went from the best character to footnotes and not noteworthy character The second half of the book with wren was just boring with stupid reasons for doing what they did The way the characters reacted to killing and seeing dead bodies was also a What? moment as you would think by this time they would be less effected especially BalfrussAll in all i loved all the books but this one 210

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    25 stars I'm not sure what happened here for me I loved the first two to bits and pieces But this one came off as a little random to me I got to the halfway point and found that new problems were being introduced and they felt thrown in to me Maybe if they were introduced earlier I would have found it intense and a bigger build up to the final book rather than dropping problems all in the last book Because there was so many things to solve in the final bookthe ending fell flat to me I am still in love with the world and most of the characters Tianne's motivation made zero sense to me I guess this final book just wasn't it for me

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    Excellent last part to this fantasy trilogyFollowing the events of Magefall this novel brings the trilogy to its conclusion with many unexpected events along the way All the major characters are involved including a few ones The characters continue to develop especially the younger ones It's about magic betrayal deities pestilence and death with shades of Lovecraft as well as a relatively positive outcome at the end Obviously it's worth reading the first two parts as it does not stand alone I've thoroughly enjoyed this original fantasy work and recommend it to all lovers of fantasy fiction

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    This was an enjoyable read for the most part The fear of magic is sort of tiring reading about over and over People though have to overcome their fears and some manage to do that but vast majority of this world still remain afraid of magic The action was good like the other books and the characters I thought would live have lived to the end This was a little predictable in some areas than previous books too I wish he could have taken us to some other countries than the ones we have seen since the first series This world needed to broadened I think There is still so much to do with the magic and exploring this world

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    Really hoped this book would end in a way that was satisfying and it has not dissapointed I really do hope that there will be some form of continuation but if not it is left in a good place Not one single sentence dissapointed me The final battle was as brutal and brilliantly written as i expected I am very sad to say goodbye to these characters especially my favourite all powerful badass bitch Munroe but i have enjoyed every word of their stories and cannot wait to see what Stephen does next

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    Absolutely brilliant I loved every chapter and every page I just can't believe this is the end of this amazing world that Stephen has built I can only hope that he will continue with this world at some point in the future

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