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Dancing on the Ceiling Stanley Donen and his Movies

Characters Dancing on the Ceiling Stanley Donen and his Movies

Stanley Donen forever changed the Hollywood musical by moving it away from the Busby Berkeley extravaganza toward. This book has a lot of meaning for me because it’s about director Sta

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A fluent integration of song dance and story Silverman gives readers a close up portrait of this great director as. The Book Report Really now how mysterious is the subject treated in thi

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Seen through the eyes of 100 of Donen's contemporaries including Gene Kelly Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse 93 phot. Either this book has a bunch of lies in it or other biographies do I do

  • Hardcover
  • 390
  • Dancing on the Ceiling Stanley Donen and his Movies
  • Stephen M. Silverman
  • English
  • 12 July 2017
  • 9780679414124

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    This book has a lot of meaning for me because it’s about director Stanley Donen We learn a little about his private life in this book namely that he was a Jewish boy born in Columbia South Carolina in 1924 that he has had five wives and a love affair with Elizabeth Taylor and that he was a former chorus boy This book is about the movies he directed and the people who made them He left Columbia at a young age not yet 20 and befriended Gene Kelly and became choreographer for MGM in the 1940’s Before he was 30 years old he directed the famous musicals “On the Town Royal Wedding Funny Face and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” He also later directed “It’s Always Fair Weather The Little Prince Movie Movie and the non musicals Charade and Two for the Road” These movies were performed by famous actors Gene Kelly Debbie Reynolds Fred Astaire Cary Grant Audrey Hepburn Billy Wilder among othersThis book is a wonderful journey through the golden age of Hollywood when musicals were the craze This book highlights the creation of each of the films his thought process and the end product We get anecdotes from Audrey Hepburn Kay Thompson and other figures during this illuminating by gone era These were wonderful movies and we were lucky to have had Kelly and Donen create such works togetherIf you are a movie buff you will enjoy this book and probably recognize many of the movies he directed

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    The Book Report Really now how mysterious is the subject treated in this book? It's a professional biographyfilmography of the life of ace directorformer wunderkind Stanley Donen of Singin' in the Rain Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Indiscreet and Charade fame Being a professional biography don't expect his personal life to come under salacious scrutiny or hear whimperings and moanings from ex wives five or sons three Darn itMy Review The author knows his subject Personally And it shows The anecdotage of any Hollywood player can come across as a personal hagiography and so the trend towards memoir I remember by these folks Donen clearly cooperated with the author and clearly smoothed his path to the major players in the Donen life story There is some sense of stuff not gone into that a less involved and prurient biographer one bent on delivering the sense of the man to the detriment of the sense of the player would have pursued In some ways that feels like a loss to me but overall I really was not aware of the small smears of whitewash that might or might not have been applied to certain passages in Donen's remarkable career until I had sat down to cogitate for this reviewFrom unpromising beginnings in middle class Columbia South Carolina Donen ran far away to glamourous exciting New York City at age 17 He was in every right place at every right time for the next 20 years and became a close work associate of Gene Kelly's leading him to Hollywood and to Metro Goldwyn Mayer THE place for a dancerchoreographeraspiring director to break into the biggest time musicals anywhere ever There he worked on a long series of projects for Arthur Freed a legendary producer of MGM's top flight musicals It was a good association though Freed seems never to have fully appreciated the talent and the drive of Donen He wasn't above making use of the man though and it's to our lasting benefit as filmgoers that he didAt the end of the rainbow for musicals about 1958 Donen had already read the tea leaves and fled Hollywood for London There he produced and directed some of his best and worst stuff Indiscreet mature love affair between euals and Charade delightful caper dramedy about secrets lies and how gorgeous Audrey Hepburn was some of the best work ever both starred Donen's friend Cary Grant and are even today delightful and watchable Arabesue and Staircase Donen's remake of Charade without Grant or Audrey Hepburn and his sole effort at directing a story about gay men were the pitsBut the two films that I venture to say will be remembered by cineastes long long after you and I are dead are the 1957 musical Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire and Two for the Road starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney Both are achingly romantic Both are gorgeously filmed well acted and far deeper than a casual glance at their stats will show And both get a good long treatment in the book the author and the director seeming to agree that here are monunments too large to ignore The only other film so treated is Singin' in the Rain which has emerged as a major classic since the 1970s And in every case the stories told and the pitures painted are satisfying to the fan and informative to the curious reader In fact that can be said of every part of the bookI have to say that I'd've given the book a higher rating if it had gone into personal detailnot prurient stuff but about Donen's off set off screen lifethan it does I can understand the choice made by the author to focus on the work probably reuired by the man written about is my guess but a little than cursory mentions of marriages and divorces would not have come amiss The book has photos throughout the text which I prefer to photo inserts even though there is some sacrifice of uality It seems worth it to me I like seeing the photos near to the anecdotes they amplify Recommended to film buffs fanboys and serious readers of movie biz books It's too light on fizz for the celeb bio reader

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    Either this book has a bunch of lies in it or other biographies do I don't know which but I do think this book was written with an agenda against Gene Kelly Kelly never says bad things about Stanley Donen in print anyway and always gives credit where credit is due That to me says wonders about who is really telling the truth

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    This book is no about Stanley Donen but about how the author hates Gene Kelly Besides he seems to try to make Stanley Donen a sympathetic carácter when in fact he gets the completely opposite effect If I were Stanley Donen I wouldn't be happy with this book

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    Biography of the director If you love movies particularly musicals you might find this book interesting I didn't like the tone of the book very dismissive of Gene Kelly for one but I can't deny that Donen helped create some of my favorite movies

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