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Trouble Is My Name

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F the better recent ones is private investigator Chet DrumVery few current writers of the tough private eye story can tell it acutely than Mr Marlowe or with such taut understatement of violence and sex Anthony Boucher in THE NEW YORK TIM.

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Awyers ready to split a feeBring me your irate husbands and nymphomaniac wives and thieving sons and savage killersBring me yourhell you get the ideaViolence is my trade Trouble is my nameNew series detectives continue to turn upand one o.

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MY CODEHere it is I'm Chester Drum professional at violenceBring me your troubles bring me your pimps and panderers and prostitutes and extortionists and grifters and marks and dead beats and rear end kissing heirs and ambulance chasing l.

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    PI Chester Drum is in Germany looking for Fred Severing a man some think might be the next Vice President of the United States The trail had led him here and a story that wetn all the way back to WWII Severing had been a member of a three man OSS team that was supposed to distribute 200000 in confiscated Nazi gold to a partisan group of their choosingSomething had gone wrong and the leader of the mission Kevin Keogh had been killed in action and the gold went missingDrum pursues his assignment all the while being used as bait by a German official a young woman Patti Keogh who wants to find out what really happened to her father a set of homicidal German twins brother and sister who want the money and the son of a war criminal who'd just got out of prison after ten yearsBodies keep turning up Drum is fired cut loose by the German official bribed by the man he;s huntingto no avail all the while trying to keep a promise to a dying old man who believed

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    Trouble Is My Name is an action packed Cold War thriller that takes Drum to the divided Germany of the late fifties He tangles with Communists ex Nazis and fortune hunters both in West Germany and behind the iron curtain in East Berlin although interestingly this was written a few years before the construction of the Berlin Wall where a journey between the two sides involved getting through guard posts but not having to brace that barrier The story feels far like an espionage adventure story than a private eye caper It is uite a good read but has a darkness and a gloom about it

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    Nonstop action marks this revived Cold War thriller as one not to be missed This has everything – ex Nazis lost gold twin brother and sister Aryan psychopaths a little love and a detective with a conscience Thank you Mysterious Press for bringing to ebooks this otherwise lost thriller classic

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