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Tyle tracker rather than a time tracker Tracking your cognitive style is what makes you a Time Warrior for only your uniue cognitive style can liberate you from the treadmill of linear limited time This book takes you on a 101 chapter journey intended to transmute the base metals of ordinary linear time consciousness into the gold of the Time Warrior's non linear vision. A good one for morning reading for any creative entrepreneur people pleaser


You will learn to create for yourself a newfound and powerful cognitive style that will make time tracking multi tasking and other clock subservient behaviors an unsavory and distant memory Time Warriors arrange the chaos around them by slowing down way way down and then letting go of people pleasing approval seeking and every shade of mood based and future based thinkin. “People who race out ahead of life are falling down on the dance floor Th

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Time Warrior is a revolutionary non linear approach for dealing with time as bold as it is fresh and new Forget whatever guidebooks you may have read on time management or personal productivity Time Warrior is much than tips and tricks Steve Chandler has given us an invitation as well as a challenge to become something far greater than we are now To become in essence a s. This book suffers from what most books in the genre suffer from The author

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ستيف تشاندلرSteve Chandler bestselling author of 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Time Warrior and 30 other books is known as America's notoriously unorthodox personal growth guru He has helped thousands of people transform their lives and businessesSteve invites you to join his inner circle the Wealth Warrior Movement whose sole focus is supporting you in creating greater prosperity for yourself Join by visiting and you will receive prosperity building messages from Steve three times a week each and every week as well as monthly webinars by Steve books by Steve and the members only CREATING WEALTH Audio SeriesAnd Steve's NEWEST book Wealth Warrior will go out to all members of the Wealth Warrior Movement when it's published in September 2012

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    This book suffers from what most books in the genre suffer from The author has an interesting idea and he or she centers the book around it but there is just not enough of the idea to fill the book So they just add filler Time Warrior has this problem and it seems to me that the book could have been executed in 40 chapters instead of 100 and the reading experience would have been much enjoyable and the message much clearerI take nothing away from the idea; it is a different approach to how we handle time and I'm sure the tips I'll be taking with me from the book make it than worthwhile However the filler and the lack of clear writing skills bothers me The chapters were written haphazardly and sort of just vaguely bundled together The writing style reuired a skilled editor's touch; it's a book but it felt like a blogThat is probably the author's style and to each his own but I would have prefered a clean cut book with 50% less text cleverly woven together in an intelligent way to pull the reader in and not let goIn concept I'd easily give 4 stars in format I'd give 2 stars so hence the 3 stars

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    I've been using David Allen's Getting Things Done GTD methodology for over 5 years and it's been a great way to identify the things I need and want to get done But I've had a gap between the identification and the doing of those things and I often felt I used GTD as yet another way to avoid the doing of the things I'd identified to doThis book was the right book at the right time for me With over 80 chapters each just a page or two in length I was able to read the kindle version in small chunks and finished it uicklyThe effect on my work habits so far has been fantastic It filled in the gaps I needed to move from knowing what my work is to actually doing that work I've been less stressed and productive in the past two weeks than I've ever beenBecause the book is such a uick read I'm going through it again to reinforce what I've learned

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    I found this book wise powerful and extremely helpful Is it original? I think once you read three or four truly good self help books 75% of every self help after that will be unoriginal with most of the difference being the presentation and emphasis What works best is what speaks to YOU best This book covered everything exceptionally well and go to the point without droning on I liked the Time Warrior metaphor though that might be too martial for some This is not a rah rah self help It is not a new organizational system I highly recommend it

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    Today I don't place a lot of value in regretting my past or even trying to understand it Identifying past patterns and labeling my flaws and weaknesses Not much value in that because the present moment opportunity disappears while I do that How do I want to be NOW? Do I want to finish what I start? I can do that But I just have to do it Which is me going on the offensive Because the best defense is a great offense If you're looking for a book that will teach you how to manage your time efficiently this is not that book In classic Steve Chandler style Time Warrior calls you to attention forces you to confront yourself as the only reason nothing gets done and then gently reminds you through countless examples how to step into your role of living

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    All fear comes from picturing the future Putting things off increases that fear Soon we are nothing but heavy minds weighing down on weary brains Too much future will do thatOnly a warrior's approach will solve thisA warrior takes his sword to the future A warrior also takes his sword to all circumstances that don't allow him to fully focus Steve Chandler from Time WarriorIf you find yourself getting overwhelmed with a never ending to do list There are some great gems in this book that help the mind focus when procrastination is the defaultHere are a few uestions we can ask ourselves1 What is one thing you can do on that project that's overwhelming you?2 How is your imagination adding to your stress? Choose to draw images in your mind that encourage rather than criticize If perspective is our most powerful motivator than choose the best perspective possible3 What can I get done in 3 minutes?4 What fearsworries of the future and resentments of the past are you allowing to weigh you down? These are like hagfish that dart into the orifices of their prey and devour them from the inside out 5 How clear are your goals? Do you really know what needs to get done or is it of a general idea? Determine with clarity what it is you want to do and the focus will come like a magnifying class radiating the Sun's energy that easily burns a hole in a leafMy overall take away was the importance of breaking down huge projects into the simplest of parts I think as someone who honestly struggles with procrastination it mostly comes from not being able to take the giant apart and turn him into a collection of small tiny men I think this is part skill and part discipline Skill in that you need to see it modeled and discipline because you have to do it dailyIf you are short on time check out Brian Johnson's uick YouTube video Time Warrior by Steve Chandler which covers his top five big ideas from the book

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    A good one for morning reading for any creative entrepreneur people pleaser or procrastinator Super short chapters I read a few each day Didn’t pack the punch that The Prosperous Coach did but still worth a read Wagner is able to deliver easy and accessible concepts in a way that are super digestible and immediately actionable The content is mostly good reminders bundled together in an easy to read format There are some interesting ideas about exploring non linear time an idea I’ve been toying with and learning about from multiple sources When one approaches a project with a non linear mindset so many paths are possible Pick one and go Guaranteed you will get somewhere

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    “People who race out ahead of life are falling down on the dance floor They are living in their own future which is where fear lives But when you slow down to master this present moment life gets fearless”

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    My highlighted notesNow Never or placed in a spot on the calendar and out of the mind The mind must remain clear and empty of all future considerations Old fashioned linear time management has a burdensome focus on the future If everything happens linearly nothing is an astonishing success Create projects and small adventures that lead you to the grand vision you want None of it should be experienced as pressure Time warriors don't live for the approval of others They live for the service project they are committed to Most of your own lack of success comes from and exaggerated inner compulsion to feel safe and sound If my intention is to help someone become a happier person and have a bigger outlook I want to make sure i don't produce the opposite of that by judging them I don't want to push them deeper into their own permission by trying to fix them If someone needs something by a certain time it ualifies as urgent When you need to do something it is not urgent That is a weak system That's what lets people have a chance at change They want to see it They don't want to hear what's wrong with them They want to see what's right in you They don't want to hear why they're weak or why they're inadeuate They want to watch and see a exciting way and be inspired and have it be their idea to changeGandhiDn't change other people Be the change you want to see in other people

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    This book contains valuable advice about non linear time management and how to shape your thinking toward action I expect to refer to it in the future But it’s not well written or well organized Comprised of a hundred short chapters the writing feels unrefined but the ideas are there Take action now do the thing you’re worrying about now stop worrying about what other people think Essentially stop being a victim and take action

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    This is not a time management book It's about life management and personal growth Each chapter was wonderfully short but holds a volume of information insight and inspiration

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