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Irish Gothic Fairy Stories

Characters Irish Gothic Fairy Stories

Ection of fairy tales from each county in Ireland This book is a contemporary take on some classic stories and will be enjoyed for generations to co.

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In Ireland there are four provinces and within these are thirty two counties Each county and its people are uniue but the one thing they all have in.

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Common is their respect and regard for the The Good Folk the Fairies of all Ireland Steve Lally and Paula Flynn have compiled this magnificent coll. Wendy Knits Lace: Essential Techniques and Patterns for Irresistible Everyday Lace magnificent coll.

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    Well selected talesThis collection of tales concerning the faeries of the 32 counties is well selected from a great variety of sources and types Each section which corresponds to a particular county gives some background on the county’s name and legendary history literary greats and folklorists that Hale from there and occasionally some connection to the authors A solid collection

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    This was such a lovely book I learned so much about Irish culture and history The stories were all both whimsical and creepy at the same time I’m still not entirely sure what made them “gothic” but I suppose I’m willing to overlook that weird detail I finished this book in two days It was so fun to read

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    I really enjoyed this book it was a bit different it had stories from the 32 counties of Ireland You could easily go to your favorite county to read the tale and then go back and read the book in order I've now read several books on Irish Fairy tales they seem to have a lot of threads i common makes you wonder if some of it is real

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