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Point of Crisis The Perseid Collapse Post Apocalyptic Series Book 3

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In the aftermath of the brutal attack on his family compound Alex Fletcher embraces his rapidly expanding role within the New England Regional Recovery Zone RRZ Fueled by a limitless drive to protect his family and a rekindled sense of duty he enlists the reluctant aid of a local militia commander to ease the public’s fears of a federal government takeover As Captain Fletcher digs deeper into. This is the third and final novel of the series You cannot possibly read this without having read the other two However I have to admit that I'm not actually enjoying this as much as the others and definitely not as much as the The Jakarta Pandemic which has the same characters in a stand alone first storyBooks that work best for me are those that are contained with a small group of people and tight effective storytelling This applies to shows as well When the writer tries to make the plot too big it loses something essential Take the X Files for example Brilliant self contained stories based around two characters Then what happens The black oil government conspiracies spaceships God knows what nonsense and I stopped watching LOST Prime example Small group of survivors isolated on an island Brilliant Then what happens Well to be honest I'm not sure as I stopped watching the ludicrous nonsense Too big too loose tooreally don't careSo Alex and his family are back at the compound but Alex has made a deal with the military to work with them in order to get special status that can help his people We have militia who are good Militia who are bad very bad marines other military the Chinese they started this so that needs explanation a nuclear sub a battleship which is sunk the space station I think a prison of 900 evil criminals now running loose LOST was easier to follow to be honestI'm glossing over big chunks of it and even the military stuff has ceased to have the effect that talk of guns and uniforms usually does to me Seriously if I have one f gun lovingly described I'll become a liberal and read The Guardian But it's the third and final in the series I'm invested in Alex and Charlie especially Charlie love him Ed and the families I need these people to survive and thrive in this terrible new world order I will finish this but the days of the defence of the house in The Jakarta Pandemic seem a very very long way awayI'll update when doneFinished and I'm very glad I am I really didn't enjoy this one much and found myself just skipping over long passages I think every author should be aware that not all his readers are intimately acuainted with the geographical layout of the place he sets his novels There were pages after pages of descriptions of turning into this road or where borders ended here or there or if the military withdrew here that would be exposedI couldn't follow any of it Then Alex whose simplicity and fun lay in the fact he was an ex military one man band struggling against accusations of PTSD when he prepped for the apocalypse rejoins the marines in this novel So he's just one of a vast army of vehicles weapons helicopters airfields hangers guns blah The whole thing just seemed like a complete mess lots of the times and I didn't really get any answers at all what was the scene with the Chinese at the beginning of Book 1 Was it a nuke or an asteroid Is it a government conspiracy No answers Way too much trying to be achieved whereas the basic premise tsunami and Alex trying to rescue his son and then defend his compound would have been superbI'd highly recommend The Jakarta Pandemic but these I'd have to say are a bit of a declining reward

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Ers that Eli Russell has rebuilt his militia with the intention of hastening the Regional Recovery Zone’s downfall Obsessed with stopping the deranged psychopath that attacked his family Alex scours the back roads and rural towns of southern Maine to find him unaware that Eli’s plans are far personal With the world swiftly unraveling around him Alex will face his most difficult decisions ev. Again much like the first two I enjoyed it but it was not amazing I almost just read it to finish the story I do like I finally felt like that it was a decent ending but there is a forth I will go ahead and read the forth book its advertised as the last in the series but after that I am ready to move on The preuel was still my favorite in all these books Good beach read but I am ready to move on

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The government’s plans he starts to uestion the federal government’s intentions and ability to stabilize the situation in New England With the region’s critical infrastructure destroyed and the nation’s electrical grid crippled he foresees a human cataclysm with several hundred thousand desperate refugees marching further north through Maine The bad news doesn’t end there Alex discov. Eli Russell doesn't fail to be as psycho as ever Alex fletcher likewise doesn't fail to impress Twists and turns allow this third book in the series to be a good follow up to the second Although still light on details as to what actually causes the situation that this series is based on I give it an even 4 stars Hoping book four clears some things up for me

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