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The role of a contracting professional begins well before the award of a contract and doesn't end until the benefits of the acuisition have been realised long after the deliverables arrive in a box on a loading dock Global Contract Logistics tackles the growing complexity of contracting in a technologically accelerating world The author lo.

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Oks at the common errors and the ten phases of a successful acuisition Global Contract Logistics examines what it takes to be an intelligent client one who employs contracting or procurement professionals to obtain goods and services on their behalf It debunks many commonly held myths involving contracting procurement and acuisition and ou.

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Tlines ten vital steps towards success for intelligent clients and their supporting acuisition professionals The text is supported by case studies of projects that the author Steve Morgan has led during his time with the Ministry of Defence and BAA Online supporting resources include contract templates for procurement and acuisition projec.