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The Algorithm Design Manual


A catalog of the 75 most important algorithmic problems By browsing this catalog readers can uickly identify what the problem they have encountered is called what is known about it and how they should proceed if they need to solve it This book is ideal for the working professional who uses algorithms on a daily basis and has need for a handy reference This work can a. This is not an introductory book You should have some previous knowledge of algorithms to enjoy it The book builds a way of thinking towards solving algorithms problems instead of just stating the algorithms and data structures in a mechanical way but in many parts it is not very clear and you have to read a passage multiple times to understand what the author meant The book can be used as a reference that you can use to understand a specific topic

READ The Algorithm Design Manual

Lso readily be used in an upper division course or as a student reference guide THE ALGORITHM DESIGN MANUAL comes with a CD ROM that contains a complete hypertext version of the full printed book the source code and URLs for all cited implementations over 30 hours of audio lectures on the design and analysis of algorithms are provided all keyed to on line lecture note. A rare book on algorithms that is actually fun to read


This volume helps take some of the mystery out of identifying and dealing with key algorithms Drawing heavily on the author's own real world experiences the book stresses design and analysis Coverage is divided into two parts the first being a general guide to techniues for the design and analysis of computer algorithms The second is a reference section which includes. When you want to read a good introductory book about algorithms and data structures the choice comes down to two books Introduction to Algorithms Second Edition and this one I especially liked The Algorithm Design Manual because of the author's writing style the war stories that are some clever and practical applications of the data structures and algorithms the author tries to teach you and the second half part of the book which is a sort of encyclopedia of problemsI used the introductory adjective earlier as this is supposed to be an introductory book on the topic In reality even though it starts from the basics of math and programming the topics covered are broad enough and discussed in much depth to make it appealing even to the senior programmerIn short this is a book every decent programmer should read at least once besides it works also as a algorithmsdata structures encyclopedia that always comes handy

  • Hardcover
  • 486
  • The Algorithm Design Manual
  • Steven S. Skiena
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9780387948607