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STUCK By Steven L. Hawk

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Ginning He wakes up after a drug induced slumber sick and in dire need of another fix The five minute rule has been kicked to the curb Somehow he's gotten STU. Very goodThis


Ben Watkins has a gift His dreams drop him into other people's bodies for five minutes When Ben is dropped into Billy Shoe drummer for the world's most popula. STUCK by Steve

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R rock band all bets are suddenly off The needle in his arm the tattoos on his hands and the loud pounding on the other side of the stall door are just the be. I actually rea

About the Author: Steven L. Hawk

Steven L Hawk spent six years as a Military Intelligence Specialist with the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division before joining the ranks of corporate America He has a BS in Business Management from Western Governor's University and is a certified Project Management Professional PMP He has traveled extensively across the United States and at various times has lived in Georgia North Caroli

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