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    Okay I LOVE the author Unfortunately this book was a bit disappointing I saw a lot of parallels with the Degradation Wulf JamesonEden AngKatya sort of Tate but with zero self esteem I hated that she was constantly putting herself downBut the ending was shocking NEVER saw that one coming Stylo again managed to prove that she is a great author So even though this is not my favourite work of hers I will read the seuel

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    4 STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorYou open my eyes and widen my boundaries He makes me contract My eyes only see him and he’s my only boundary You’re both just so different Completely different in what you do for me and how you make me feel” Stylo Fantome has been on my radar for some time now I kept seeing all these fabulous reviews for her books and my Bestie devours her books When I saw the blurb for NEIGBORS I figured now’s the time to try this author out Well one thing is for sure Stylo can write some pretty SCORCHING HOT sexy time scenes There are a plethora of them within the pages of this book This is a love triangle but in all honesty the people involved are single and no commitments have ever been made The heroine makes both men aware that she is having relations with the two of them So those who don’t like triangles can actually read this one Katya Tocci is a young woman who lives a very dull and ordinary existence At the urging of her roommate she joins an online dating site in order to spice things up a bit Her profile catches the eye of her very gorgeous neighbor Liam Edenhoff Liam has seen Katya around but never approached her because she appeared to be virginal and dresses like a librarian He’s completely surprised by her racy online profile and decides to pursue her The two end up making plans to meet up at his sex club Katya agrees to go only because she wants to prove to Liam that she is not the demure woman that he has made her out to be in his head but Katya really is uite innocent and this is taking her way out of her comfort zone Now here’s where my eyes were rolling They end up having sex in a booth right out in the open for all the club goers to see To top it all off she even has anal sex for the first time in said booth I’m not sure that a woman who has never lived life on the wild side before would partake in such overtly sexual escapades I started to get mildly irritated with the number of times the heroine mentions having anal sex with Liam It felt like not a day could go by where she wasn’t mentioning it or thinking of itThe next day Katya runs into an old crush from her past in the bakery that she works at At first it seems as if Wulfric Stone doesn’t even recognize her but he soon is ordering her to meet him later on for dinner This man was the unattainable boy next door from Katya’s childhood Wulf is several years older and never paid her any attention back in the day but he was definitely the star of all of her romantic fantasies Wulf is still devastatingly handsome an alpha male to the extreme and never really shows Katya what’s going on inside his heart Katya carries on relationships with both men but it is obvious who holds her heart and whom she only sees as being a really good friend I definitely was on Team Wulf Men who act like assholes usually do it for me in books As time goes on Katya feels that she can’t keep things going with two men Her conscience is eating away at her I struggled for a while with this book because I didn’t like the Heroine so much I kept thinking of her as a doormat But once I got to the 72% mark I was HOOKED The story gets very intense I was laughing then swooning and by the end I was furious I just need to know what happens next after one hell of a cliffhanger we are left withNEIGHBORS is currently available US UK CA AUS

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    How many times have we read the Good girl gone bad character? Mostly they are poorly characterized elitist in their 'good girl world' and contrived Katya wasn't perfect but I liked her She didn't vacillate; one day she was very good and the next she just wasn't and she owned it Wulfric was a bit of a cliche but not to the point of eye rolls and snorts Liam was the supposed 'bad boy with feelings' Then we have the obligatory 'best friend' Tori All perfectly nice people How does a woman go from no BF and no dates to having two very hot very eligible men? Ha ha ha you can only wish you were a character living in Fantome's world So Katya gets with both men and then emotions swirl love gets thrown in and betrayals abound What will she do with these men who turned her nice uiet life into a Telemundo soapie? Hopefully all will be revealed in The Neighborhood

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Sexy Titillating Erotic Sensual Utterly Addicting These are a few words to describe Stylo Fantome’s newest release Neighbors Seriously this book was just utter perfection and intoxicating With her stunning and visceral prose Stylo Fantome will capture your hearts and mind as she decandently and sinfully lures reader to be entranced with Katya Tocci and her newfound sexual awakening as not just one man vie for her heart body and mind but two gorgeous men “She knew she was somewhat vanilla She'd grown up in the suburbs with a normal family and a normal life Went to a boring school had mostly boring friends Katya didn't mind boring Boring was secure Boring paid the rent Yeah but boring doesn't get you laid” Katya Tocci is a beautiful smart and independent woman She has a successful career as one of the top patisserie of San Francisco As in demand pastry chef her career was stellar but her love and sex life are non existent It could be partly due to the fact that Katya lives a boring life Boring plain Jane clothes and boring predictable men So when Katya’s roommate forces her to join an online dating site Katya’s profile was boring so her best friendroommate decides to spicen and liven up her online dating profile “Go out with a man she'd just met check Have sex in a club check Experience dirty talk definite check She finally did cry out unable to hold it in as a tremor ripped through her body threatening to tear her apart”Liam Edenhoff happens to be browsing on the online dating site and he happens to be stumble across his neighbor Katya Tocci’s profile He was immediately intrigued that his innocent neighbor stated in her profile that she was adventurous in the sex department When Liam saw that he immediately approached Katya and he knew right away that everything on the site was a lie Upset that Liam thought she was boring Katya challenged Liam and agreed to go with him on a date to the sex club that he owns Well as it turns out that date to the sex club awakened a bold Katya who was willing to have sex in public As it turns out Liam let loose a new Katya who was willing to be open and not so boring As the good neighbor that Liam was he soon formed a meaningful friendship with Katya that happens to have casual uninhibited sex As Katya says goodbye to her boring sex life she runs into another neighbor Well her childhood neighbor from her hometown that she had a big crush on Wulfric Stone is a successful prominent and domineering man As a self made millionaire and entrepreneur Wulfric doesn’t need to beg as he demands your attention And so when Wulf asked Katya to dinner Katya knew that she wanted Wulf She wanted him the moment he laid eyes on her As Katya gives into her sexual desires and lust to Wulf she begins to fall for Wulf hard Everything about this man consumes her She wanted him but Wulf’s closed off heart made her want to break and shatter through his hard exterior When Katya thought she broke into his hard exterior and learns the reason of why he is closed off she thought she finally won the heart of Wulf but only to learn that he can’t let her in “Katya shook her head “No buts The things he brings out in me are different It's like you make me expand You open my eyes and widen my boundaries He makes me contract My eyes only see him and he's my only boundary You're both just so different Completely different in what you do for me and how you make me feel”Katya’s once boring life is now filled with color Two men vying for her attention Will Katya choose the man whom she is comfortable with? Or will she choose the man that makes her heart go crazy? Lust or Love? So which neighbor will be knocking his way into her heart? AHHHH that ending Stylo Fantome you are an evil genius because I NEED to know what happens next Who does she choose? I will be completely honest with you I thought Liam was the one who had my heart then of course Stylo had to write Wulf in such a way that I found myself gravitating towards him And then Stylo had to drop the biggest bombshell ever I wanted to hate both men and then I wanted to love both of them I will be completely honest with you I have a favorite and I am rooting for this hero to win “I want you to look at me in that way you do – like I'm everything ” he said in a simple voice “I want to see that look every single day When I wake up when I go to sleep all the time I want to be the only man that gets to touch you hold you kiss you I want you to know know that I look at you the same way Like you're everything You're everything to me”I will say it one time Neighbors was a phenomenal read This book is not your conventional love triangle This book was just than romance sex lust and passion This book was about rediscovering your identity and finding strength And Stylo Fantome did a remarkable job highlighting the transformation of Katay Tocci She allowed readers to no longer see Katya as a wallflower but instead as someone who is finding her voice Her identity Her own splash of color So if you are looking for a bold romance that was brilliant uniue scintillating and intoxicating then I highly urge you to read this addictive read Stylo Fantome

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    35 STARS ”The Evolution of Katya Tocci” image error

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    45 StarsI was bouncing in my seat like a hooker on dick while reading this one You fuck a random stranger one time and suddenly you've got men on your hands than you know what to do withI loved it The drama the uestions the sex the character growth from all three of them And the ending OH BOY Please please don't make me wait long to see what happens Buh bye old Katya Can't say I'll miss you Thanks for all the beige clothing Full review to come

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    WHOAthat cliffy ripped my heart out I have NO clue how either of these dudes is going to come back from their massive fuck up I must say I enjoyed the HELL out of this one I'm not usually a fan of love triangles but it worked for me in this case Sure there were parts that were a little ridiculous I mean the whole introvert wallflower good girl to anal sex exhibitionist in a sex club was a little unbelievable but you know what? I didn't even care This author can WRITE and she sucked me into this one from word go I was #TeamLiam until Wulf firmly commanded me to his side Now I am #TeamCutTheirBallsOffMy only disappointment that I haven't got my ARC of book two yet because I CANNOT wait to see where this thing is heading It better include some EPIC levels of groveling that's all I am saying

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    This book was not for me I’ll start by saying that I’ve read some of Stylo’s previous releases and really enjoyed them Below I mention some of my issues in a vague sort of way but please be aware that it MAY be a little spoilerishUnfortunately Neighbors left a bad taste in my mouth I’m not a fan of a heroine that allows her self doubts to put her in danger Yes I’m all into experimenting and experiencing new things but to place such trust in practically a stranger is crazy I did not feel “turned on” by the initial sex scene There were too many things that made me feel like she was being taken advantage of by her new friend Mr Experimental The heroine is feeling a little worse for wear after her sexual adventure drags herself to work where she has an unusual meeting with an old family friend We are informed she had a crush on him years ago Maybe I missed something but this guy is a douchewaffle of epic proportions I did not find Mr Douchewaffle appealing at all Unfortunately because of her attraction to him she allows him into her worldSo the heroine comes clean to Mr Experimental AND Mr Douchewaffle that they’re both in her life Happy happy joy joythey’re OK with thatfor awhileBy this stage Neighbors is leaving me unsettled but I'm willing to keep going because I'm hoping it gets better I don’t particularly like the main characters but I especially hate that this woman thinks so lowly of herself It's obvious she's uncomfortable with the situation and eventually acknowledges that she feels for one than the otherI'm completely lost as to how she can have feelings for these guysMr Douchewaffle doesn’t stop being a douchewaffle Mr Experimental acts all sweet and kind Guess who she’s thinking of keeping????Then that ending put me over the edge Considering this is book one in the series I can honestly say that I don’t want an HEA for any of the buggersFellow readers I’ll be honest and say that the writing was well done and I did finish the story which says A LOT but if I don’t love the characters I generally don’t love the story It wasn’t the triangle and it wasn’t cheating because it wasn’t really cheating that left me disappointed in this story What left me with gut wrenching disgust was the purposeful actions that eventually led to hurtBy the time the truth was revealed I had no hope for a happy future I’d feel comfortable with I don’t want to see the grovelling for forgiveness Or if there is no grovelling the acceptance that the heroine is not good enough to expect betterTo each his own and all that jazz don't judge this book on my opinion alone Take the time to read what other's say and you may find Neighbors appeals and works perfectly for you

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    FIVE STARS ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewWay better than just borrowing a cup of sugar from your sexy neighbor If you've read a Stylo Fatôme book you know her stories are always sexy mysterious and perhaps a little bit weird which is why I'll forever need her books in my life This author always brings it up a notch and Neighbors was one hell of an entertaining crazy ride Katya Tocci lives a pretty boring life Her focus for years has been on her career as a baker she's not a risk taker she a good wholesome girl who's always doing the right thing It's been uite a while since her last relationship so her best friendroommate has convince Katya to create an online dating profile in order to meet someone new Her crazy roommate embellished Katya's profile a bit and soon she catches the interest of a sexy man who happens to be her neighbor Liam aka Eden lives in the building next to Katya's he's noticed her before because she's gorgeous but he never approached her because of her frumpy librarian look thinking he's too wild for her But after reading her sexy profile he's decided to invite her out to his club Tacos Noon You're a sexy beast Katya is tired of people reading her so easily she's tired of the same old boring girl she's become so when her sexy neighbor Liam invites her to a sex club against all of her instincts she decides to go Katya is ready to discover new things and embrace her inner dark desires and Liam is the perfect man to help her While Katya is on this journey of indulgence Wulf her childhood neighbor also makes a re appearance in her life She used to have a huge crush on him and now years later Wulf is looking better than everKatya can't believe her luck a week ago her colorless life consisted of going from home to work and now there's two gorgeous and successful men wanting to spend time with her making her feel and do things she never even knew existed She's walking a dangerous path that is exhilarating but what happens when she reaches the end of the road? Will she loose herself between love and lust and will she be able to recognize the difference between the two?This story is so much than a love triangle so much than a romantic story just so much than you'll ver expect Neighbors is a story as smooth and dangerous as a sword as decadent and as rich as a vintage wine Stylo Fatôme will tease your senses and play with your emotions leaving you dying desperate for My Neighbors music playlistFreak by Lana Del ReyAdventure Of a Lifetime by Coldplay Liar by Mumford and Sons YouTube onlyLovers Eyes by Mumford and Sons

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    I'm a little biased what can I sayIt all started with a weird mid morning dream and ended with a kinda sorta not really love triangleSo to say Wulf Liam and Katya sprung fully formed from the ether is an understatement But I'm very glad they did and each one taught me a little something about life love and tacosI hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

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Working her way to becoming the most sought after cake designer in all of San Francisco But even a good girl's gotta cut loose once in a while right So one fake dating profile later and she's ready to tarnish her sueaky clean image Little does she know her fun time is closer to home than she ever imagined Throw in. 35 STARS ”T On the Dark Side of the Moon: A Journey Toward Recovery becoming the most sought after cake designer in all of San Francisco But even a good girl's gotta cut loose once in a while right So one fake dating profile later and she's ready to tarnish her sueaky clean image Little does she know her fun time is closer to home than she ever imagined Throw in. 35 STARS ”T

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Things a good neighbor can do for you 1 Give you a cup of sugar 2 Let you borrow his lawnmower 3 Water your plants while you're on vacation 4 Make your eyes roll back in your head with his tongue Katya Tocci has never paid much attention to who lives next door her career always kept her too busy She's a good girl. 4 STARSARC Ge Visual Communication: Images with Messages 7th Edition borrow his lawnmower 3 Water your plants while you're on vacation 4 Make your eyes roll The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence - Kindle edition by Josh Waitzkin. Humor & Entertainment Kindle eBooks @ back in your head with his tongue Katya Tocci has never paid much attention to who lives next door her career always kept her too The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance busy She's a good girl. 4 STARSARC Ge

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A neighbor who wants to corrupt her and another who just wants to own her and her entire world is flipped upside down Who knew neighbors could be so helpful This story contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature multiple uses of coarse language and one scene of violent cake destruction Reader discretion is advised. FIVE STARS AR