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Dulcie Dando Soccer Star

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He day of a big match Dulcie spots an unexpected opportunity to play in the game She seizes it and gets a chan.

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Ce to prove herself by scoring the winning goal A great book for young soccer players Full color illustrations. Dom na Zanzibarze young soccer players Full color illustrations.

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Dulcie Dando is the best soccer player in school But she can't play on the team because she's a girl Then on t.

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    This picture book was such a cute and fun read Dr Armstrong actually gave me this book in preparation for our book tasting sports and I thought it would be perfect to do my first review on since I had not read it previously I loved reading this book for a couple of different reasons The first being I grew up playing soccer I played from when I was 8 all the way until I graduated high school It was my life brought me many lifelong friendships and taught me many valuable lessons So obviously I love that this book is about a little girl who loves to play soccer because that was me As a reader I thought this book was so cute and inspiring I was entertained the whole time I read it and enjoyed following Dulcie’s journey as the big game came up I thought the story line was great and the illustrations were very good As a future teacher I would definitely read this book to my class I feel like it was uplifting and encouraging and would be beneficial to younger students Dulcie Dando faces discrimination because she is a girl and it has always been an all boys team I would maybe use this book at the beginning of the school year so the students know that everyone is treated eually and there are no favorites or if our class was doing a lesson on sports or something related Another good thing about this book for a future classroom is that it teaches the readers multiple different lessons 1 You should never give up about something you are passionate about 2 Do not care about what others think about you 3 Be your true self Overall I think this was a great book and I will definitely keep this to read to my future class

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    Dulcie Dando came from a long line of daring women in her family Dulcie was good at soccer but was overlooked by the coach when it came to selecting team members All the girls knew it was unfair so the coach let her be the first substitute An opportunity presented itself and Dulcie was able to play in the game and proves her worth

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    not a fan at all

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